Letters to the editor Jan. 14

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Canít muzzle Montana citizens

The proposed CSKT Water Compact (S. 262 bloated up in Sen. Testerís Senate Bill 3013) violates the U.S. Constitution, Montana Constitution, and CSKT Tribal Constitution. Citizens should just shut up.

The state donates $55 million and its state-owned waters in 11 counties, transfer to the United States for management by the CSKT tribe, and thatís swell too. Citizens, just shut up.

Governor Bullock quickly codified portions of the compact for early implementation before Congress has even held review or federal, and tribal parties have signed it. King Bullock and the boys know whatís best for us feudal serfs now abandoned on the reservation. Citizens, just shut up.

Private water rights were removed from deeds, but liens for the construction of the dam and irrigation project remain on all parcels because revenue to retire the liens was redirected God knows where. Citizens, shut up about water uncertainty and your property values.

The compactís ďpublic negotiating sessions over 36 years,Ē is affirmed by court jester, DNRC Director John Tubbs, but fails to mention that the ďpublicĒ was voiceless and clueless about any of the backdoor, cloak and dagger ďnegotiationsĒ until about 2012.

There was a futile charade of ďpublicĒ hearings prior to an illegal vote on S. 262. Legislators were prohibited amendments or even reading the 1,000-plus page beast that removed all state protections from folks on the reservation.

Citizens will not shut up. They are pursuing a constitutional right to explore any alternative to the nightmare described above.

Mere mention of citizen efforts to find a fair, legal, practical alternative solution to water on the reservation incurs the written wrath of wealthy elites like Mary Stranahan and jackboot bureaucrats like Tubbs and his superiors.

Stop screaming at a process in early development. It will not muzzle Montana citizens any longer. Those with nothing to lose will no longer silence those with everything to lose. We are still America.

ó Elaine Willman, Ronan

Epidemic of caring

Every day you hear about the growing epidemic of Alzheimerís and related dementias. It wreaks havoc on all in its wake, ruthlessly claiming memories, abilities, relationships, resources and ultimately, lives. Research is underway, but as yet we have no way to prevent, treat or cure this disease, so it continues. And it grows with our aging population.

What you donít hear enough about is the growing epidemic of caring across our city and state. We are thankful for countless and constant reminders of the beneficence of our community.

Itís our incredible Walk Committee led by Jennifer Crowley and Sherry Mayeaux, and top Walk fundraising teams like Edward Jones, Mann Up For Memory, Walking For Tony, Eagleview West Youth2Elder, NARFE- Flathead Area Chapter 646, The Springs at Whitefish, Prestige Expressions, Comfort Keepers, Immanuel Lutheran Community, and Team ďRayĒ member who, along with hundreds of others, raised over $30,000 to support our complimentary programs and services, as well as our public policy and research efforts.

It is heartening and humbling the way that one kind soul after another steps up to share time, lend talents and help fund our mission. It is our profound honor to serve individuals and families facing this devastating disease. Each of them - each of you - strengthens our relentless pursuit of a world without Alzheimerís.

Help is always available through our 24/7 Helpline at 800-272-3900 or www.alz.org.

ó Lynn Mullowney Cabrera, Billings

Our future can be changed

We need action now. It would take you about 250 years without rest, without a break, to view the face of every person on earth for one second. That many of us have an effect. We seem to go through periods of caring an awful lot about the environment, and periods of it being lower on the list.

There is a simple, widely attractive idea that will solve the problem of climate change, the problem that some who acknowledge seem to think has no solution. That any solution to means economic standstill. The solution is more unthinkable and repellant than the problem itself.

If youíve thought and felt that way, then, dear friend, allow me reassure you. Allow me to make you aware of the Carbon Fee and Dividend policy proposal. The policy Canada adopted recently.

Our economy is being hurt by climate change. This story continue to grow until itís all there is. Until the carbon level in the atmosphere begins to fall and we can say that we are coming back to normal. There is nothing that can be called normal ahead down the path the U.S. is being steered.

But the price of renewables is so cheap that itís more economical to build new renewable energy installations than keep an existing coal plant running to its closure.

The Carbon Fee and Dividend idea / policy is this: put a price on carbon at the mine, well or port of entry. All that money goes back to each American citizen equally with a monthly check or deposit ó so it all goes straight into the economy again, it doesnít hurt the economy but provides a market signal.

Thereís no caps on anyoneís emissions. Itís a cycle of choices, of market signals. We want to keep more of that check, we want to pay less on energy, so we choose cleaner sources of energy, we choose efficiency. If we donít or canít make those choices itís a wash, but where we can its to our profit.

This power of choice, this market signal multiplied by every individual, every company, every institution will have give a colossal boost to our clean energy transition. Itís a green new deal in itself. The ball is already rolling downhill, in the right direction.

Get rid of all other carbon regulations if you ask me. This is the kick that ball needs to save us from our future. Our future can be changed!

óMatt Lamberts, Bigfork

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