Promoting LGBTQ lifestyle is mistake

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Regarding the LGBTQ+Alliance meetings promoted in an April news story in the Daily Inter Lake:

When children dealing with their sexuality are encouraged to explore the LGBTQ+ menu of sexuality it’s not Love Lives Here. It’s adult irresponsibility and “I don’t give a damn about the souls of children” on steroids.

Children must be told about the temptations that afflict the human race on a daily basis to turn us away from God and a strong moral code, to submission to Satan for the sure destruction of our souls.

This LGBTQ+ Alliance of homosexual adults (I assume) that encourage the exploration of homoeroticism by these misguided children are serving evil and recruiting to increase their ranks. Which begs the question: Are these children being isolated and groomed for the homosexual lifestyle.

There is Christian counseling and psychological help for those that would escape homosexuality and its many adverse effects on the human personality, e.g., self hate, tormented conscience, suicidal thoughts and attempts, chemical and porn addictions, disease, physical abuse by other homosexuals and relational conflicts with heterosexuals, etc.

To say nothing of demon possession. Think it can’t happen? Don’t bet your soul on it.

The cowardice of our educators, politicians and especially God’s so-called ministers of the Gospel have allowed this perversion to be thought of and accepted as normal in nature. And that because of the massive resistance the homosexual lobby puts forth to stop the exposure of their perversion disguised as a natural phenomena. This is just another form of truth distorting propaganda where a weak-willed immoral public is psychologically mauled into saying right is wrong and wrong is right. They know the King is stark naked, but must say in PC terms he is quite handsome in his new suit of clothes to find acceptance with their equally weak peers and escape the physical and verbal wrath of the queer community.

God does not make mistakes or create humans and then condemn them for being as He created them. But He does condemn homosexuality in no uncertain terms in the Bible simply because He did not create it or a necessity for it such as breathing, eating, drinking, procreative sexual urges, love, etc.

Would God create a blue eyed man or a women with feminine characteristics and then condemn them as sinners destined for hell for being as He created them. He would not. He is not unjust.

But He condemns sodomy as an evil worthy of hell in Genesis 19:5, Judges 19:22, Leviticus 18:21-22 & 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, I Corinthians 6: 9-10 and I Timothy 1:8-10.

I am not suggesting that these children be ostracized or verbally abused for their difficulty; that is cruel. They need to be educated, counseled, and loved as normal human beings needing to resist the temptations of the flesh because that is all it is. And they need to understand that homosexual tendencies can be and should be resisted through prayer and determination to live a moral life.

These children need a moral code that protects them and their culture. A code that is encouraged and sustained by the adults in their life.

These homoerotic temptations are not permanent and are short-lived for those that will resist them and avoid people and media that condone, promote or practice such behavior. Just as any sin and its temptation when resisted loses its strength and frequency.

The Bible says “resist the Devil and he will flee from you.” Receive Christ as your savior and Satan is an instant loser in any conflict with you. Tell that to these children, not the lie that perversion is normal or unavoidable. Only an evil person would put the soul of a child at risk to entice them into a destructive lifestyle to further their own twisted agenda.

I’ve come to believe much of this same sex attraction is because it eliminates the usual stress of possible rejection in opposite sex courtship and with the same sex its in familiar physical, emotional and psychological territory and that is comfortable. And has its basic source in poor child-parent relationships.

Adams is a resident of Kalispell.

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