Letters to the editor for Aug. 9, 2018

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Letter about wireless tower got facts wrong

I need to correct some of the misinformation in the Aug. 5 letter by William Rodgers regarding the wireless tower in Creston.

There are at least three egregious and false statements in his letter.

1) The land will now revert to the grantor’s heirs. This statement is untrue: the school has another 26 years to continue researching possible school uses of the land.

2) The school board held secret meetings. Again, this is not true. Every board meeting is advertised in the Daybook section of the Daily Inter Lake, on the reader board along Montana 35, and on the front door of the school.

3) The board has “mysteriously refused to post minutes from the secret meeting.” Minutes from school board meetings are never posted until officially approved at the next meeting. Unofficial minutes are available in the school office five days after each meeting.

The administration and board at Creston School saw an opportunity to improve internet access not only for the students at the school, but for the entire Creston community. There was no “illegal backroom deal.” How unfortunate that a few members of the local community are determined to hold up progress at the school simply because their feelings were hurt that the board didn’t ask their opinion about what to do with the school’s (unzoned) property. —Judi Hewitt, Kalispell (Creston School principal, 1989-2015)

Kasich just another deep-state liberal

Responding to “Kasich is best choice for president in 2020,” an op-ed in the Aug. 5 Daily Inter Lake by Bob Brown, “a Whitefish Republican, .. a former Montana secretary of state and state Senate president,” no matter how “warm and engaging” Kasich is, he is one of two 2016 R candidates, the other being Ted Schmooz, I mean Cruz, who tried to take the Republican presidential nomination out of the hands of the voters.

I remember it distinctly, and if I recall, Kasich and Cruz briefly tried to co-conspire. Ted Cruz claims it’s settled law that he’s a natural-born citizen, and any 5-year-old can see he’s not. Kasich is just part of the liberal deep state that we hope President Trump can jettison.

And Bob Brown appears to be just another RINO cog in the gears of liberaldom. I’m a loyal Trump supporter, so I’m sure in his book I’m a racist and a traitor. —Eric Knutson, Dayton

The other side of John Kasich

Bob Brown from Whitefish (no relation to me) wrote highly of Ohio’s Gov. John Kasich in a recent letter to the editor, praising his virtues to be the next president. Bob used descriptors such as “penetrating intellect,” “wise and consistently transparent approach,” “consummate competent leader” and “one of the most highly rated governors in the country.”

I saw a different side to Gov. Kasich while a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland two years ago. Thousands of us spent our own money to land in that beautiful Ohio city to celebrate the nomination of our next president.

Where was Gov. Kasich? Nowhere to be seen! He neither welcomed us to this transformed city, nor showed up during the entire week to thank us for dropping a “few” dollars into Ohio’s economy. He must have been in Glacier National Park to “immerse himself in the majesty of nature” while wearing his sore loser badge on his khaki shirt.

John Kasich has also supported Medicaid expansion, just like our own Gov. Bullock. The problem is no work requirements for able-bodied citizens and growing taxes for the rest of us. Does that work for you?

I encourage you to enjoy the wonderful city of Cleveland, Ohio, sometime in the future as we all did that great week. Ignore the visit with the governor, however, just as he did to thousands of American citizens enjoying Ohio two summers ago.

Kasich needs to take lessons from Dr. Ben Carson and emulate that class act. Sore losers have no place on the national stage. —Dee Brown, Hungry Horse, SD2 Republican

West Point goes politically correct

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point celebrated Denim Day in April. Apparently, the staff are using denim as a politically correct way to raise awareness of and prevent future sexual assault and harassment. Really? Jeans prevents sexual assault? Who’d guess?

From what I hear, the blame falls on Gen. Mattis (secretary of defense for those who are militarily challenged). However, I would guess that Gen. Mattis already has a full plate and might not be totally read in on West Point’s schedule. But someone at the Point thinks this is a good idea.

Let me offer a suggestion to the staff and leadership at the USMA. If you want the cadet corps as well as the staff to prevent sexual assault and be respected as an equal, fall the whole bunch out with full packs and take them out on a 50 mile hike. I mean everyone including the leadership, staff, cadet corps, male, female, transsexual, homophobic, xenophobic, black, white, red, yellow, whatever. If anyone of these people fear being treated as an equal, let the others see you complete the 50 miles along with everyone else. Demonstrate you are equal to the best at the Point and you’ll be treated as such.

Denim prevents sexual assault and harassment! Who comes up with this nonsense? —David Clough, Bigfork (major, USMC, retired)

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