Letters to the editor for June 8, 2018

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Ski resort calls for support of airline outreach group’s effort

White?sh Mountain Resort has been experiencing several winter seasons of success recently, and much of that success has come from the growing number of emerging markets. Although we’ve been very excited about the growth in our skier visits in the past few years, it was not that long ago that winter could be a struggle for Whitefish Mountain Resort and many businesses. In order to continue to grow visitation to the Flathead Valley in the winter it’s critical that we continue to open up new markets.

We’re very competitive and desirable in all aspects of a ski destination vacation except, sometimes, the air service component. If we can improve the air service, we will all be in a much better position to strengthen our tourism economy in the winter months when the Flathead has lots of capacity for growth.

We are extremely aware of the direct benefit of air service to our company and the importance of supporting the Airline Enhancement and Retention Outreach (AERO) program, which is directly responsible for providing the needed funding for airline revenue guarantees. We will continue to do so, however this program can only grow if we can grow our list from all who benefit from additional winter air service. —Daniel Graves, Whitefish, president and CEO of Whitefish Mountain Resort

Reagan profile left out some pertinent info

Around Presidents Day, the Inter Lake printed a presidential profile of Ronald Reagan. It left a lot out.

Reagan was once a Democrat he voted for FDR four times. In 1937 his family was on welfare provided by the New Deal. Thirty-some years later when he had become wealthy from the benefits of the New Deal, when it was time for his taxes to pay for social programs, all the people on welfare were bums.

Reagan’s Republican party, the party of hate, has degenerated from icons like Edmund Burke and William Buckley to despots like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. —Tom Shaughnessy, Kalispell

Governor’s economic policies violate ‘simple math’

In response to the governor’s policies:

No industry = low tax base = limited public services. Pretty simple math. When the state allows the shutdown of the industries (timber, mining, etc.) it has relied upon for decades without providing or encouraging replacements, what do you expect?

The state population has not changed, appreciably, over the past 10 years; there should be a message there for someone. This is the “Treasure State”; so, where’s the “treasure”?

Drive-through coffee shacks, thrift stores, fast-food drive-throughs and bars are not industry and will not fill the state coffers. To depend upon property taxation and taxed income from retirees’ pensions and Social Security will not do it either. I was informed when I moved here that I needed to bring my own business or a retirement check because there were no new jobs available.

Personally, I’ll do without services if it means I don’t have to eat cat food due to an ever increasing personal state taxation to satisfy statewide fiscal abuse and poor planning by the governor and his staff.

Reading articles that are blackmail, bluster, and finger-pointing from our governor does not elicit a strong support for childish behavior. Apparently we elected the wrong person last time around.

If memory serves, he bragged about a huge bucket of dollars in the state bank prior to his reelection. Where’d it go? Did the GOP spend it all or was it never there to begin with? Political smoke and mirrors. —Michael Gale, Ronan

Inter Lake editor does publish opposing views

I appreciated Ms. Lander’s letter in February about the Inter Lake’s coverage of the women’s march in Kalispell, which included photos but not a story. I would like to add some of my insight.

1. I have subscribed to the Daily Inter Lake since I moved to the area in 2009. I support the paper so that it can hire reporters, photographers ... Perhaps management could not afford to have both a photographer and a reporter write a story of the event. Perhaps those in attendance could have written an article about their experiences and submitted it.

2. Yes, the area is conservative, and male centric. But, my husband attended the march with many other men. I don’t think it took much courage for them or me. (Also, I believe there was also a Right to Life March on the same day. The paper printed more pics of the Women’s March than the Right to Life.)

3. Mr. Miele has printed several of my liberal based opinions in the editorial area. Perhaps more of us should write our opinions. Ms. Lander’s issues on sexual assault, rape, etc. ... are valid. I hope she continues to write letters to the editor. I’m sure Mr. Miele will continue publishing them. —Susan Repa, Lakeside

County election crew praised for thoroughness

Anyone who doubts the validity of the voting process in Flathead County has not seen, first hand, the process at work.

I was privileged to help test the voting machines prior to the primary and was very impressed with Debbie Pierson’s staff. Their attention to detail to the testing process is above reproach. I encourage anyone who questions the validity of their vote to take a good look at the conscientiousness of the staff of people managing our elections.

I had no idea how challenging it was to thoroughly verify and document the unquestionable working order of all the equipment used to count our votes.

A big thank you goes to the election administrator for having such a great staff and ensuring a sound process. Each vote truly counts in Flathead County!

I wish the whole country could boast this claim. —Dee Armstrong, Bigfork

Corporations pass taxes on to consumers

In response to Robert Horne Jr.’s “Economy is growing, but not because of ‘GOP tax scam’” in the March 18 newspaper:

NEWS FLASH —Corporations don’t pay taxes; they add every dollar they send to the government onto the price of their products! —Dexter Hamilton, Kalispell

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