Story about clinic providing abortions draws responses

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Unsettling news

I found your front-page article celebrating the new abortion clinic extremely unsettling. Though it is newsworthy, is it front-page newsworthy? And to include a picture of three women who are going to be committing murder against unborn infants with huge smiles on their faces, I thought was disgusting. To glorify the act of taking the life of a defenseless child of God, the Inter Lake should be ashamed of itself. There’s got to be better front-page news somewhere you can report on. —Brian Beck, Columbia Falls

Tragic opening

Absolutely revolting the front-page photo and article in the Jan. 24 Daily Inter Lake about the new Whitefish clinic. The reporter wrote a quality piece — that is not the nausea producer. It is the photo of broad grins on the faces of women who destroy innocent life combined with the words that portray their great passion for this art of destruction called abortion.

Regarding Susan Cahill, what kind of person wrestles with “depression” and “post traumatic stress” disorder over destruction of her physical property yet has no problem with her hands-on destruction of thousands of innocent babies by “providing abortions in Kalispell for decades.”

Furthermore, it is false to call the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil “picketing.” Those individuals outside the abortuary were praying diligently for the mothers contemplating murder, for the babies whose lives were in danger, and for Susan Cahill’s heart and soul. The end of the article mentions another pinnacle of irony (would be funny if not so tragic) of the Montana Human Rights Network partnering with abortion providers to destroy humans. Utterly loathsome. —Annie Bukacek, Kalispell physician

A plea for life

I had a hard time even reading the Jan. 24 front page article “New Whitefish clinic to provide abortions.” God have mercy on our valley to stop the killing of innocent life that cannot protect itself and for persons like Susan Cahill preying on uninformed, desperate young people (of course, some older people too).

We are not barbarians. Science is clear in that the life within a mother is a unique life early on in pregnancy. Why not show the mother an ultrasound, and why not have the baby, and once the mother sees him/her let the mother then decide to keep, kill, or kindly give him/her to a loving couple who desires a child? Let life live.

Let’s keep this Flathead Valley the Last Best Place to live, not become Death Valley. Please, please, Susan, look into the faces of the children around you. Surely you could not, would not describe to them the science of life and the detail of the taking of that life within a mother with a joyful, clear conscience. God help us. —Pattie Baer, Kalispell

Your child is not unwanted

Women are given the honor of bringing forth life. We shelter and protect our children in our wombs.

In the Bible, God said, “Before I formed you in the belly, I knew thee.” Every child is God’s idea. God is the one who gives life. He has a purpose and destiny for each one.

Dear friend, your child is not unwanted. You may not be able to care for him but there are warm, loving arms aching to hold your child. Most often they will pay your expenses. If you cannot bear to part with them, there are people in the community who will help you provide for your child. Overwhelmingly adoptees are grateful to their birth mothers and thank them for giving them life. There are many adoption models that will make this decision one you can embrace.

If you have had past abortions and have regrets, there are people who will help you find peace and forgiveness.

I am saddened by the return of abortionists to our area. You notice I did not say doctors because they are not. Abortion causes death to your child. Robs your of an amazing beautiful experience and leaves you broken and empty. You have the option to save a life, so please let love win. You will have no regrets. —Marsha Graham, Kalispell

Abortion and child trafficking

With reference to the human trafficking article in the Jan. 24 Inter Lake, it’s hard to believe that the local communities have any real concern about this plague when they seemingly celebrate the new opening of an abortion clinic in the community. The Missoula detective spokesman at the seminar would shoot to kill a child trafficker caught dismembering a child — and no jury would convict him. But he would also shoot to kill someone using force to interfere with a legalized child abuser performing the dismemberment of a living child one inch from complete birth.

Abortion desensitizes the heart and soul of a community and opens the door to increased demonic activity, e.g., child abuse, child stealing, child trafficking and child pornography by degenerate men and women who have given themselves over to demonic evil. Abortion is child trafficking and even more evil than legalized slavery. There is no difference between abortion as family planning than there is rape as sex education. Both require abuse of power against the innocent.

A pre-born child has all the chromosomes, DNA and RNA for a complete chemical blueprint and material needed to develop a unique one-off human being gifted with a soul in the image of God.

Abortionists defend their evil by saying “Infanticide is more humane than growing up poor and unwanted.” So an abortionist will commit suicide when divorced and unemployed ...? If only that were true. But it’s not and neither is their lie. Every child would rather grow up in tough circumstances than be murdered by the cult of Molech in their mother’s womb.

Tough circumstances aren’t chiseled into stone at birth. They can change, and more often than not, do. If the child isn’t human as abortionists claim, why do they auction off their body parts at every stage, and to whom. Are they for medical experiments by Big Pharma or for dinner in Africa. Big bucks for baby heads, hearts and liver. Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to eliminate the Negro population and the mentally and physically defective. Once they saw the profit margin they decided everybody needed to die. And to date approximately 65 million innocents have perished in Sanger’s government-sanctioned holocaust.

Well, abortion is legal just as slavery once was legal, and nobody will speak for the children if it threatens their personal welfare. The courts will not defend them, the politicians cower before the feminists and the church has compromised its soul with the devil in return for tax relief and peace. So, I will speak for the children about to be offered on the altar of Molech in Whitefish. And I will speak for God. “May God do to you and more what you are about to do to your children. May the Lord take away your future and deliver you into the hands of your god that you might learn to hate evil and love righteousness.” —Tim Adams, Kalispell

The shadow

The shadow of death has returned to our valley, with the opening of a new abortion clinic in Whitefish. With all great challenges, comes the possibility of great rewards. We must allow these ladies of death to do what they do in peace. Our reward comes from praying incessantly for them and those who would use their evil services. “Pray to change their hearts, Lord; change their minds. Amen.” —Jay Trepanier, Kalispell

How can you remain silent?

Conspiracy to commit murder is when two or more people make plans to take the life of someone. When that plan is acted on, it is called murder because a life has been taken.

A conspiracy has taken place — not kept silent but proudly announced openly on the front page of the Inter Lake.

I could be silent or politically correct and call it abortion but isn’t taking a life called murder?

Just in case you want to close your eyes and heart to what has been planned, the Creator God of all lives said this:

“Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering to slaughter. If you say, ‘But we knew nothing about this,’ does He who weighs the heart perceive it? Does He who guards your life know it? Will He not repay each person according to what he has done?” (Proverbs 24: 11-12)

Question: Are you going to close your eyes and be silent? —Georgia Branscome, Kalispell

The dark reality

The smiling faces in the photo in your Jan. 24 article “Clinic to Provide Abortions” conceal the dark reality of what will go on in the abortion clinic rooms.

Innocent children will die brutal deaths. This is a dark development in Whitefish. This is no cause for celebration or congratulations.

This is cause to weep, fast and pray. At least. For the souls being snuffed out, and for the souls doing the snuffing.

This isn’t about being “for women,” either. It isn’t healthy, and it isn’t reproductive. It is death for the child, and spiritual, emotional (and often physical) destruction to the mother.

Death and destruction is not healthy reproduction.

This is not progress. This is a return to a dark and brutal past. This is shameful. May God have mercy on us. —Matthew Bryan, Whitefish

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