Letters published Dec. 31, 2017

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Make America great again, and quit yer whining

A lot of us would like American great again, except people who act like kids and kick and scream against it. That’s not too controversial. —Robert Gansel, Eureka

Worries and woes at the end of the year

Like many Americans I am horrified by the “not guilty” verdict issued in the death of Kate Steinle.

In a way, it makes me angry at President Trump, who during his campaigning promised to send every illegal immigrant in this country packing an hour after he was sworn in as president.

The liberals demand that the illegal immigrants deserve due process, while conservatives contend that since they are here illegally, they are not entitled to due process.

A third of our prison population in our federal prisons is illegal immigrants! That cost is borne by the American taxpayer.

It is said that the new tax plan will add another trillion dollars to the national debt.

The “groping disease” affecting our government leaders is starting to really disgust me, too.

I am also very concerned, considering how Trump thinks and behaves, that he will against tell Congress very soon that he will shut down the government unless it pays for the wall.

Coupled with that prospect and our current national debt and a North Korean ICBM now being able to hit a major city here, our economy could collapse into ruin.

No wonder that this country is involved in a heroin epidemic. —Sinowa Cruz, Kalispell

Voting record of politicians is fair game

For those tired of letters exposing Frank Garner, understand that his type of political corruption represents an enormous destructive force that deserves our tireless vigilance.

The battle we wage is against something far greater than an individual legislator. We have in each legislative district been given the ability to protest with our votes. I have not read a single personal attack on Mr. Garner other than what was related to his voting record.

We don’t know him personally; we just know how he votes. I am very grateful to those who expose and analyze the presence and mechanism of political corruption. Thankfully, we have had several Montana legislators and many citizens writing letters to the editor, shining the light on this type of corruption.

On the darker side of this, the Montana Chamber of Commerce, with their choice of MVP legislator “Gas Tax Garner,” exposed itself and thereby connected many of the dots for those of us who were trying to understand how a liberty oriented Montana is being overtaken by government expansion. Historically and logically, the growth of government is inversely proportional to individual liberty. Those who love the liberty that God has given us must recognize who these “government growing liberty destroying” legislators are and see to it they do not get re-elected.

Don’t let this topic grow cold … not until liberty is victorious. —Brenda Hambrick, Lakeside

Thanks for turning out at planning meeting

I’d like to thank my neighbors and others who showed up at the Kalispell Planning Board meeting regarding the HUGE apartment complex being proposed to be put in our neighborhood.

Between Two Mile and Three Mile and Hawthorn and the bypass there is 15 acres of empty field. A developer out of Washington state is proposing a three-story apartment complex with 384 units, 600 parking spaces and garages!

Please don’t let this happen. It won’t only hurt our neighborhood but yours also. —Rosie Higham, Kalispell

How come Trump doesn’t get criticized?

When a Republican state legislator supports a modest fuel tax to repair our roads, I hear cries of treachery and betrayal. When a Republican president takes Air Force One to Pensacola, puts his staff and security in hotels, all on our tax money, to campaign for an alleged pedophile, I don’t hear a peep. Why is that? —Michael Merchant, Kalispell

Black Caucus members have ‘blame attitude’

When all else fails, insult your opponent or the opposite political party. Such is the case with , who represents the 5th district in the state of Georgia. He refused to attend the opening of the Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi because he feels that President Trump is a racist.

John Lewis in my own opinion is one of these people who have out lived their “Civil Rights Icon Status” and now are trying to stay relevant with comments that reflect opinions of 50-plus years ago and now use “race” as the foundation for their objections to change.

Take a look at John Lewis’ district, Maxine Waters’ district, Elijah Cummings’ district, Al Green’s district, John Conyers’ district and a number of other people who make up the Black Caucus in Congress. Consider Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. She represents a district in Texas and the district looks like a Third World country with the amount of abject poverty, and yet she lives the affluent life. Rep. Maxine Waters, whose district is Watts in Los Angeles, lives in a $3.4 million home, not even in the district she represents — how does that happen?

This “blame attitude” does nothing to advance relations between groups of people; it simply adds more fuel to blatant attitudes of “racism” on both sides and this unfortunately has been going on since 2009, when a certain individual stated he was fundamentally going to change this country.

I look at people like Charles Payne, Dr. Ben Carson, Harris Faulkner, Larry Elder, and Ebony Williams, who are relegated to a minority within a minority, because of people like John Lewis who are trying desperately to stoke the fires of racism within this country. What else are we to think about a crazy woman living in a $3.4 million mansion going around and yelling “Impeach 45” with absolutely no basis for impeachment. But because he is white, he “must be” a racist. More likely, because he is draining the swamp, these creatures feel threatened.

When people rely on the past instead of the present and the future, then they are nothing but an empty voice in the wind. —Jim Garvey, Kalispell

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