Neighbor advised not to shoot cats

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A man called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office because he said his neighbor shot his cat and might have shot another neighbor’s cat. The trigger-happy neighbor was advised of “alternative ways to handle cats that wander onto his property.”

Someone else complained about a cat outside his business that was acting “sick and friendly.” An officer arrived to trap the cat but it had disappeared, so the business owner was instructed to try to trap it himself and take it to the shelter.

Someone called the police because he suspected either hearing someone being assaulted outside or possibly a dog barking. It turned out to be a dog barking.

Someone on Two Mile Drive used binoculars to watch a vehicle in front of her house. She said the vehicle’s headlights kept turning on and off and then the driver left slowly with a loud muffler.

An intoxicated woman told a dispatcher she “had no idea” how she had dialed 911. Then she confessed she had been upset because a man got home later than she anticipated.

A three-legged dog was spotted running around. Its owner promised to fix her gate so it wouldn’t escape again.

A hard-of-hearing Lake County man said his camera equipment was stolen after he left his vehicle following a car accident. He was told to contact Lake County law enforcement.

Someone lost what he described as a “red German Shepherd.”

Another dog was seen “eating on something” on the west side of the U.S. 93 Bypass.

Someone siphoned gas from moving trucks a business rents out.

A driver saw an “older small white truck” driving “all over the road.” The truck driver apparently changed lanes without signaling and “swerved.”

A man called the Sheriff’s Office the day after being arrested because his keys were missing.

A man apparently stole beer from a store, but the person who reported him learned she reported the wrong person from the video surveillance footage.

A woman brought a letter she received via fax to the Sheriff’s Office lobby to verify if it was a scam.

A neighbor saw a man who looked like he was trying to break into a vacant house and garage. The man told an officer he was “mourning the death of a friend.” The officer reported “nothing appears to be broken into or tampered with.”

A teen boy with a skateboard asked for a ride into Kalispell at a gas station and the driver he approached called authorities to check on him.

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