Package on porch attracts unwanted attention

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A homeowner told the Kalispell Police Department he saw an older truck “in rough shape” in front of his house. The vehicle “sped off” when his daughter pulled up to the house and he was worried the driver might be “casing the place” since there had been a package on his porch. He requested extra patrol in the area.

Someone’s bike was stolen from outside a coffee shop.

A woman complained about another woman continually contacting her and apparently making threats. She said the threatening woman was “all up in [her] face” when she was at a fast food restaurant.

Motel staff members were concerned about an elderly man and woman because of the smell in their motel room. They also reported the woman staying there was apparently not allowed to talk to anyone. A police officer spoke with both of the motel guests and thought everything was fine.

A deer was apparently hit by a vehicle on U.S. 93 and then multiple other vehicles ran over the carcass. It was moved off the roadway.

Another deer was seen alive in a roadway after being hit by a vehicle, and the police determined it would be more dangerous to try to remove it than to simply let it run off on its own.

A library employee complained about a man sitting on a bench in front of the library “swearing and yelling.” An officer spoke with the man, who left when the bus he had been waiting for arrived.

A woman wanted to know if she could take a few belongings out of her impounded car before officers searched her vehicle.

Someone was suspicious because there was a black sedan in a parking lot with an open door. He wanted an officer to check on the car, but then the door was closed and it was determined there was “nothing suspicious.”

Someone who just got out of jail reported a theft in his room.

Someone complained about dogs barking for over an hour, but an officer who investigated said he “could not hear any dogs barking in [the] area.”

An employee was worried about a woman sitting in her car in a parking lot for over an hour. The employee apparently knocked on the car window but the woman didn’t notice since she was on her phone. The police checked on her and she was apparently fine and simply making a few phone calls from the car.

A man thought he had been robbed. At first he believed multiple items had been stolen, but then he changed his report to only include a stolen sleeping bag. Then he checked again and realized he “was not missing as much as he thought” and decided not to file a report after all.

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