Mustachioed man in black alarms woman

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A man in a black trench coat and alleged fake mustache raised the suspicions of a woman who thought he may be hiding something underneath and told Kalispell Police Department “it’s not normal for someone to hold their trench coat closed the way he was.”

A casino employee didn’t hit the jackpot when they found a crack pipe while cleaning under a table.

A tall man with a goatee took a pair of shoes and reportedly “slipped by” security.

A manager told police there was an ongoing issue with “people coming around at dusk and lurking around.”

Maybe it was a duel against good and evil when someone thought a man wearing a black hoodie and another man wearing a white hoodie appeared to be fighting. One of the men reportedly ran, did a somersault through the flowers, then turned around and yelled at the other man.

Someone called 911 to report a woman’s hand being struck by a vehicle in a store parking lot on Hutton Ranch Road. The woman said her pinkie was hit by the side mirror and she was fine, but wanted to see if the driver could be located and cited for the incident.

A woman came home to find her couch and TV supposedly missing and suspected her roommate when neighbors saw a moving truck at the residence.

A man who was told never to return to a bar was allegedly coming in and out of the parking lot and yelling at customers and staff.

A man found passed out in a casino bathroom was awakened and escorted from the building.

A concerned parent told officers their 16-year-old daughter allegedly sent pictures to a 22-year-old man through Snapchat and he sent nude pictures to her and wanted to meet up with her. The parent took the phone, blocked the man and wanted advice on how to keep their child safe.

A vehicle was keyed in an alley by Second Street East.

A man called to see if anyone turned in an envelope containing cash and signed checks from his boss that he reportedly lost while taking his kids trick-or-treating on Halloween. Nothing matching the description was turned in.

A restaurant employee complained about two vehicles full of teenagers who were supposedly hanging out in the parking lot and yelling profanities and wanted them moved. The teens were a group of students from the same school, knew each other and “were just being high schoolers.”

Someone thought they saw brown spray paint on a wall on the west side of the bypass, turns out it was only a reflection from the sun.

A woman claimed someone was pounding on her door, then said she first heard what sounded like someone “trying to dig” into the basement. Officers checked the house and were unable to locate anyone.

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