Car theft, the new pain reliever?

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Someone must have had quite the headache when they reportedly broke into an unlocked vehicle and took a bottle of ibuprofen and nothing else.

Someone across the street from Depot Park in Kalispell allegedly watched a man rip up shrubs and plants at the veterans memorial. He asked Kalispell Police Department to check on the man’s welfare. The man was said to be physically fine and didn’t want law enforcement assistance. Officers cautioned him about messing with the plants.

A man with long hair and wearing a jacket appeared to be harassing and taking pictures of another man wearing a hoodie. Instead of making up and take a selfie, the pair separated on opposite sides of the street.

Someone rifled through a business’ garbage and “strung it all over the place.”

A woman stole a pair of slippers from a store.

A man wanted to know how many times someone reported his dog for barking over the past few weeks.

A man said he was “incapable of getting all his belongings that he needs for the wintertime” and wanted an officer to respond. He reportedly wasn’t making much sense, but said he would wait for an officer at the food bank and eat some of the perishable items he got.

A woman claimed her boyfriend had her vehicle and had not brought it back. Officers located the vehicle in the Two Medicine parking lot. The vehicle was reportedly unlocked with the keys inside, so officers locked it up and gave the keys back to the woman, who was the registered owner.

A woman called police and claimed she woke up at a motel and a man stated her kids were in danger. A man was reportedly heard in the background saying she broke in and needed to get out. The woman reportedly wanted medical attention, and said she was very confused and didn’t know what was going on. Everything was quiet at the motel and the room unoccupied when officers arrived.

A man called just wanting to say “thank you” to officers who assisted him.

A man dressed in all black was hanging around a building, pacing and yelling, possibly on a cellphone and supposedly making bank employees uncomfortable; they wanted him moved along. He eventually left the block where the bank was located.

A later call came in about a man dressed in all black who purportedly pulled his pants down and had been hanging around the ATM area for about 35 to 45 minutes. The man was moved along.

An intoxicated woman went into a store and was denied alcohol by the clerk, who told police she was headed eastbound on U.S. 2.

A white two-door sedan was left at a pump for more than an hour and a tow truck may have been called in.

A man who had been seen in and out of a building reportedly vandalized signs.

A woman was allegedly assaulted at the food bank when a man grabbed her two times.

Columbia Falls Police Department responded to a structure fire, possibly a shed or a chicken coop, that was near a power pole and may have melted the wires. Chickens were reportedly in the yard and it didn’t appear any were left inside the structure. When the fire was extinguished

Someone on Ninth Street flagged down police regarding drug paraphernalia on the sidewalk. Officers retrieved a glass pipe.

Someone called police with a “feeling” that a woman was going to siphon gas when she reportedly left a gas can next to a truck. The caller thought she might be one of the squatters they reported earlier on Diane Road.

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