Marion resident salty about situation

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Someone on Pleasant Valley Road in Marion wanted to speak to Flathead County Sheriff’s Office about salt reportedly being poured into her dog’s bowl. No animals were harmed, but she wanted law enforcement to be aware of the situation.

The valley’s version of “Marky Mark” purportedly made an appearance on a Kalispell property where he was not supposed to be. The man was “formally trespassed” by officers and given a citation for stealing a bicycle, which was seized.

A man claimed a “crazy chick” was talking about dead bodies and refusing to leave a store on U.S. 2 in Hungry Horse. The woman later returned and reportedly grabbed sunglasses then went outside without paying for them. She was advised to move along and not to return.

Someone on Swan Mountain Drive in Kalispell was suspicious of a man clad in camo pants who allegedly yelled at her when she drove. She said he also supposedly swore at her son and sprayed bug spray “towards her.”

A woman was a victim of road rage on Somers Road when a man reportedly got out of a Chevy Blazer and pounded on her window, yelling, while she was waiting to get onto the highway.

Someone on Woodland Park Drive in Kalispell allegedly saw a Dodge pickup chasing a PT Cruiser and a man get out of the truck and pound on the PT Cruiser, yelling at a woman inside.

A Coram man was allegedly harassed by a woman he used to date who drove past his home and threw a shirt out the window. He claimed she has been driving by his home and sending threatening texts and social media messages and he had to block her on Facebook. He also didn’t think she had a valid driver’s license.

Someone on Village Drive in Bigfork reported a missing package and wondered if it was related to a reported “rash” of mailbox thefts along McCaffery Road.

Someone calling from Spotted Bear Road in Martin City wanted deputies to check on the welfare of “a bunch of children,” possibly 10 to 12, who were hanging out in the road all day and wanted them to advise the parents “that the road can be dangerous.” The person said there was only one adult by a house who wasn’t close enough “to be really seeing cars around the corner.” Officers were unable to locate any children.

An intoxicated woman reportedly punched people on Conrad Drive in Kalispell.

Someone’s intoxicated and belligerent relative allegedly gave them a split lip, was throwing things around and refusing to leave on Mountain Drive in Hungry Horse.

Someone in Kalispell was concerned there was “going to be a train wreck” at her parent’s house regarding a man living in the basement who was supposed to be evicted and they thought he’d cause problems.

A man calling from Main Street in Hungry Horse said he scared off what he believed was a “fairly big-sized” grizzly bear that was digging into trash he had loaded into a trailer to discard at the dump. The man called a couple hours later to report the bear had returned to dine on the refuse.

Kalispell Police Department responded to a call from a woman who wanted an officer to counsel two tweens living with her who reportedly kept fighting with each other and yelling for help out the window because “she can’t deal with it anymore.” The kids were calm by the time an officer arrived to counsel them.

People were allegedly racing up and down Three Mile Drive on motorcycles that a person could only describe as “crotch rockets.”

Someone requested a welfare check on what they thought were two teenagers who appeared intoxicated when one of the teens reportedly fell on the concrete and her head was flopping when the other teen held her up. The pair then appeared to get into a vehicle.

Someone else was concerned about the welfare of a person sitting alongside the road on the bypass, south of the roundabout wearing a black jacket. The person was reportedly a woman who was just watching stars. She was cautioned about being near the traffic.

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