Fist-shaking sparks fear at grocery store

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A woman told the Kalispell Police Department she was too scared to stay at a grocery store after a man hurriedly pulled into a parking spot, jumped out of his vehicle and shook his fist at her. She described him as “missing teeth,” bearded and sporting “scraggly blonde hair.”

A woman who may have been blissfully ignorant of telemarketers was concerned because callers seemed to know “a lot of information about her” even though she hadn’t given out those details.

Someone tried to get a trailer towed out of a parking lot, only to learn someone was living in the vehicle.

Someone wanted a man removed from the property because he “was giving himself a bath.”

Former neighbors were suspected of animal abuse after they looked after a caller’s dog during a trip and the dog lost 20 pounds.

Someone was very concerned about a leaf blower he found. He developed an elaborate backstory to explain the scratches on the device and wanted to see if anyone had called it in as lost.

A man went on a shoplifting tour of Kalispell, first stealing a beer at one grocery store before heading toward another one nearby.

Someone suspected a woman of stealing because she had an unknown item under her armpit. The caller did not know what the item might have been and the police decided not to pursue the issue at the time.

A disgruntled food truck patron suspected the food truck owner was “on something” because it was taking a long time to process his order. The customer grew increasingly upset until he finally got his refund and it was reported, “everyone is happy.”

A woman was concerned because she had not heard from her husband all day. She told the Columbia Falls Police Department to check for him at an address that “does not exist.”

A considerate homeowner asked the police if he needs to put up stickers to warn people about the surveillance cameras he is putting up on his property.

A young driver’s car stalled, and when she pushed it into the parking lot of an abandoned burger joint she feared there was “someone coming for her.”

Two teenaged boys in white T-shirts ran across a lawn.

Someone was concerned about a woman lying down on the sidewalk with a lot of bags. She was advised to “find another place to lie down that’s not the sidewalk.”

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