Man’s report fit for a country song

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A man calling from Montana 40 in Columbia Falls told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office he reportedly believed his ex stole his boat. His report started sounding like a country song when he claimed the mother of their two children and his ex-friend of five years stole his firearms, a boat, a bed and photographs.

A man calling from a Kalispell golf course told officers another man walked up, possibly at hole No. 7, threatening to beat up him and his friends after he told the man’s group to “hurry up.” The caller wanted to press charges for “simple assault,” however, he purportedly didn’t want to stop his game to meet up with officers, but planned to call to speak with an officer when he got to the clubhouse. No assault occurred, according to witnesses, and both parties were counseled.

Someone calling from Montana 35 in Bigfork told deputies a woman rented a U-Haul and allegedly returned it dirty, then left an online review stating “I wish I had my .38 special” or “something along those lines.” Deputies advised the caller that no crime had been committed based on the information given, but they could pursue a temporary restraining order if they felt it was necessary and were told to call again if the issue escalated.

Three sections of someone’s fence were reportedly “kicked in” and damaged on Bowman Drive in Kalispell.

Someone calling from Mission Drive in Kalispell alleged the homeowner their daughter rented from punched her in the face while she was holding a baby. The daughter reportedly declined medical attention and didn’t want to press charges at the time.

A vehicle was seen going the wrong way up an off ramp on the bypass.

A motorcyclist was spotted weaving in and out of traffic and speeding on U.S. 2 in Kalispell.

A woman allegedly pushed a man into his truck and threw a DVD at him on Montana 35 in Kalispell. The man reportedly had a broken back and was unsure if it had been injured more, but denied medical attention.

A man calling from U.S. 2 in Kalispell told officers he invited a friend to live with him, but didn’t put him on the lease and now the friend was “being rude” and refusing to leave the house.

A dog reportedly injured a chicken on Fairmont Road.

A man in a green catamaran on the river between Blankenship Bridge and Glacier Rim was allegedly threatening to hurt people.

Three men were banging on a woman’s door on Mission Drive in Kalispell. Deputies advised some of the people involved of their warrants.

Someone calling from Shady Lane in Kalispell purportedly had secondhand information from a neighbor that a man wearing only boxers and holding pants in his hand, had approached their friend’s car, tapped on the window and then walked to their house. Officers were unable to locate a man matching the description.

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of someone allegedly being hit by their son with a bat. The son allegedly took off on their four-wheeler headed westbound toward Stag Lane. The man allegedly was a heroin and methamphetamine user.

Two people, possibly a mother and son, we’re reportedly slapping each other. Both were cited for disorderly conduct.

Someone was suspicious about what occurred when they saw shoes in the middle of the road.

A woman wanted to turn in a package reportedly containing an expensive designer scarf she found in her mailbox, and was addressed to her, but she hadn’t purchased. She said there was a sales memo for $3,850. She planned to return it to the sender.

An 8-year-old allegedly showed up at someone’s residence saying their dad was hurting the child’s mom. The resident reportedly heard doors slamming and planned to watch the child until law enforcement told her it was safe for them to go home.

A woman allegedly saw her neighbor beating his dog with a plank of wood and could hear it crying.

A manager was taking out the trash when a man reportedly approached him regarding a missing iPhone and was “super sketchy about it.” The manager was concerned about letting his employees walk to their vehicles alone.

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