Bike raffle suspected to be fraudulent

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Someone complained to the Kalispell Police Department about a “scam panhandlers are pulling near [an] intersection.” He reported a “panhandler” would “sell” tickets to passersby for a chance to win his “nice bike.” The caller suspected “the panhandlers aren’t even homeless,” so he was “annoyed by what they’re doing.”

Two young males got in an argument in line at the Northwest Montana fair and punched each other. They were warned they would be removed from the fair if they caused more trouble.

Someone allegedly found a small bag of marijuana in high school student’s gym locker. The student was counseled and the drugs were reportedly taken in to be destroyed by police.

Someone reported what they termed a “possible crack shack” to the police, who moved the suspicious vehicle along.

A concerned citizen reported a chihuahua in a car, although the caller couldn’t tell if the dog was in distress. A follow-up proved the dog was “laying in the sun looking quite happy.”

Male customers were reportedly “getting loud and throwing things.” The men soon left the store.

A man with a lot of “band-aids and gauze on him” and possibly a pair of scissors returned to a restaurant where he had previously been trespassed. He was “being loud” and “sent on his way.”

Someone reported sheet metal in the road on Highway 93. This person was told sheet metal is there for road construction and the metal is riveted down.

An intoxicated store customer yelled at a manager and took off running when the police were called.

A woman allegedly assaulted another woman by “slamming” her against a slide.

A teenage girl punched another female in the face apparently “over a boy.”

A mother and daughter got in an argument and the daughter pulled her mother’s hair.

A neighbor took it upon himself to keep a “bark log” to track how often the neighbor’s dogs were barking.

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