Beer burglar says he’s sorry

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The Kalispell Police Department was informed that three teenage boys stole beer, and one had already opened one and taken a drink when the caller caught up to him. The teen apologized.

Someone tried to cash a fraudulent check but left when “they” tried to verify his signature.

A caller felt he had been mistaken for someone else and wrongfully trespassed from a location.

Someone called the police accidentally, claiming his phone “turns on and off on its own.”

Someone was accused of threatening another person, so the accused had the bright idea of “calling law enforcement before law enforcement [could] be called on him.”

A woman complained to the police that someone had created a fake social media account under her deceased husband’s name and he was posting emojis on pictures. She felt she couldn’t prove who the suspect was.

Smoke had to be cleared out of a building in Kalispell.

A male driver used the bathroom in a woman’s residence, then sat in his car doing scratch puzzles until he was moved along.

Someone thought her house was being broken into, and she had also reportedly lost two flip-phones.

A man admitted to “losing his cool” while taking care of his sister’s kids at a playground.

A man apparently showed up repeatedly at an apartment, yelling to get his cat back. The cat and man took off separately before law enforcement arrived.

Someone reported a woman for shoplifting “either a toy or probiotics.”

A woman ran into someone’s kitchen claiming she was hiding from her dad, who was dressed all in camouflage.

A man said his girlfriend punched through his window and was bleeding “all over the house.” The woman explained she was locked out so she tapped on the window to get the attention of the people inside and the glass shattered.

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