Woman thinks she discovered meth lab

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A woman called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, believing she “located a meth lab on the Pig Farm Trails.” Deputies found the structure she described, but only found a few empty water bottles inside.

Two men reportedly got into a fight over gas money and one of them broke a vehicle windshield with his fist on U.S. 93 in Kalispell. The victim declined to pursue charges and police gave the suspect a ride to the county line.

A Cottonwood Drive resident in Kalispell reported hearing a man screaming near a bridge on her property and believed he was a “tweaker.” A bicycle was also found hidden in brush. The man reportedly packed up his stuff and went on his way.

A woman on Bailey Drive in Columbia Falls told dispatchers she witnessed a man engaging in bestiality, that it was purportedly going on for five years, “because the animals speak to her and tell her this.” She reportedly became “extremely upset” with the officer following up with the report and directed the officer to report themselves to their supervisor.

A man, who may have been intoxicated, was reportedly cursing and being belligerent in a store on U.S. 2 in Kalispell and was accompanied by children who were crying and begging an employee “not to let their dad take them.” Officers made contact with people involved in the situation and eventually the children were reportedly going into the care of another relative.

A man heard third-hand that a woman threw a beer bottle, which hit his truck and left a dent. When he confronted the woman she told him “to shove it.”

Someone on Montana 35 told deputies items were stolen from his house and a screen had been removed from his home and holes punched in a door.

Loud music and screaming was coming from a residence on Sandy Court in Columbia Falls that had eight to nine cars out front.

Someone’s mother came home and allegedly started yelling and swinging at them on Smith Lake Road in Kalispell, so they shoved her away by “pushing her in the cheek.”

Someone on Stillwood Drive heard what sounded like a man forcing a woman into a vehicle. The person reportedly said it sounded like he had her pinned to the ground and that they were yelling about a truck.

Someone calling from Woodland Place told Whitefish Police Department a man defecated near his dock.

A belligerent man calling from Spokane Avenue to report a vehicle parked in a turn lane allegedly yelled at dispatchers, saying “Whitefish doesn’t do their job” and “he pays his taxes and someone needs to take care of it,” then hung up.

A man was cited for an open container on Central Avenue.

A man told police he was “jumped” by a bouncer on Central Avenue, reporting that he allegedly made “homosexual” remarks to him, telling him “to take it outside,” and then hit him in his head and face with his fists. He said there were two bouncers involved in the incident.

An employee on Central Avenue, who wanted to remain anonymous, told police transients sitting on a bench outside purportedly kept glaring at people walking by and “making people uncomfortable.”

Someone on Edgewood Place heard two people yelling, a shrill scream, a barking dog and “then it all stopped.” It could have been related to a woman walking with two children, one of which, ran off, so she yelled for him and ran to catch him.

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