Visitor unwelcome in Whitefish’s ‘hoboville’

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A man who wanted to have lunch with friends at a park gazebo called Whitefish Police Department to report the area had turned into “hoboville.” He alleged the people who appeared to be camping there had it set up “like it’s their living room.” When he approached the residents of hoboville, they reportedly told him to “(expletive) off and find somewhere else to eat,” and threatened to beat him up. Incensed, the man told dispatchers “thousands of children are upset about the hoboville,” and wanted law enforcement officers to contact him “with results.” Someone — either the man or law enforcement — spoke with the individuals and they reportedly were “going to behave.”

Someone calling from State Park Road told officers garbage had already been picked up when a neighbor supposedly decided to bring a “mountain of garbage” out to the street. The person purportedly was afraid the garbage would attract “bears and crows.”

Someone reported several supposedly intoxicated people who were out on the docks singing loudly. Police made contact with minors who were advised of the noise ordinance and turned over to their parents.

A passerby allegedly saw 15 men yelling in front of a location on Second Street and one man was on his knees. The passerby wasn’t certain if there was a fight, or what occurred. Police made contact with the group who reportedly were “all friends and were just messing around.”

A woman returned home to reportedly find a bald man clad in shorts waiting for her on Lakeshore Drive and when he asked her who she was, she got scared and ran inside. The man was allegedly a security guard for private housing.

A man calling from a Spokane Avenue business told police rocks had been thrown against bulletproof windows. He said he would set up a game camera to try and catch the individuals.

A man went to a location, “made a scene” and left.

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of a man wearing a sleeveless leather jacket and do-rag who was allegedly swinging a knife around at a bar on Airport Road. Officers made contact with the man who claimed he never had a knife and was swinging a pack of cigarettes around.

A physical altercation between two women reportedly resulted in a screen being ripped off a door or window, possibly both.

A woman allegedly stole donation boxes from a counter and it was captured on video. The donations were meant to support sports equipment for children and the animal shelter.

A landlord told police they had repeated issues with a former tenant breaking into a vacant property and damaging it.

A man with long hair and a backward baseball cap was reportedly refusing to leave a store after employees asked him to because he was a known shoplifter. He finally left, but not without flipping the employees off repeatedly.

A man reported his vehicle stolen, but realized he had just forgotten where he parked it.

A woman’s voice and screaming were heard in the background of a call coming in from U.S. 93 North. A man was “trespassed” from a store at the site.

Someone’s nephew was physically fighting with his mother.

A man and woman were heard yelling and screaming in an apartment building parking lot on Airport Road

A vehicle full of teenagers allegedly left a location after they had been drinking.

A man was concerned that the “brakes felt soft” in his truck and he reportedly found handprints on the hood as if someone had closed it in addition to finding an empty brake fluid reservoir, which he filled, but didn’t see any leaks.

Someone likely needed an attitude adjustment after they reportedly refused to answer dispatcher’s questions and told them to “shut up and listen,” but didn’t offer any information beyond “someone just walked into an apartment,” and that it was an ongoing issue.

A woman was seen lying in an alley and “moving around a lot.”

A passerby on Main Street was suspicious of two men who got out of a vehicle with Washington license plates.

Someone alleged five or more people “living in the tree area by the river” were trespassing on their property.

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