Van might be meth lab in disguise

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Kalispell Police Department received a call from someone who allegedly thought a van with windows covered up with a “bunch of propane tanks in the back” was a “mobile meth lab.”

Someone’s suspicions were raised when they claimed a vehicle hit a pedestrian at an intersection and the driver loaded them into the car.

It was man versus man in an apartment-building parking lot when someone reported an assault taking place. The men reportedly agreed it was more along the lines of a “verbal altercation with some shoving.”

A bellicose man supposedly stood in front of a store yelling and taking pictures of a staff member.

Someone reported a dog was tearing up curtains and barking in a “camper truck.” Police didn’t find a dog in the camper.

A girl allegedly went into a store, picked out a purse, put stuff into it and walked out.

A man on a bicycle was seen riding very slowly through parking lots on East Washington Street and looking into vehicles. Extra patrol was requested.

Two men sitting under a tree on U.S. 93 South were yelling at each other. Maybe they were tired of waiting for Godot.

A motel clerk told police that a man sprayed a guest and her dog with pepper spray.

Someone reported a woman living in a “broke down” camper parked on a street.

Two individuals were spotted riding “mini motorbikes” around a park.

A supposedly vicious dog was seen on the loose charging people, including a child who walked by.

Someone who found scratches on their truck thought the culprit may be a child who got into a fight with their child, or the child’s parents.

Someone was counseled on posting signs and requesting that people move along after they complained about an ongoing issue with people parking in a lot and staying overnight.

Someone calling from the skateboard park told officers a woman, who reportedly had been at the park all day, looked like she needed help. The woman said she was all right and “doesn’t want help from anybody.”

A man was purportedly using his vehicle “to ram other cars” in a parking lot.

A woman spoke quietly when talking to police about waking up to noise and seeing lights flashing outside because she thought someone was breaking into her neighbor’s car. Turns out, the neighbor was moving her sprinklers.

A woman wanted to talk to an officer about another woman’s ongoing harassment.

Someone calling from Council Bluff Drive requested Columbia Falls Police Department check on the welfare of a child reportedly heard screaming and yelling for her parents and banging on a door because they did not see any adults at the home. Teen siblings allegedly left a 4-year-old child home alone while their mother was at work.

A man was told to leave a location on U.S. 2, but he allegedly moved to the bathroom and fell asleep on the floor. The man reportedly had a warrant.

A passerby on Ninth Street reportedly saw two boys wearing white masks using blue spray paint on a fence.

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