Woman wants to look good before gambling

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Kalispell Police Department received a report of a woman sitting in a parking lot “for several hours.” Turns out, she was just putting makeup on before heading in to gamble.

A “creepy guy” was playing guitar outside.

An intoxicated male tenant sporting a ponytail was “wreaking havoc,” according to a building manager, who reportedly told police he called her vulgar names and “got in her face.” The woman went into the laundry room where she could lock the door, while he remained outside, yelling at people and “talking nonsense.”

A man in a van was allegedly throwing away “illegal material” at a dump site.

Someone called police alleging a dog was on the roof of a home and another dog was on the loose on the ground. The person calling in the report thought the dogs appeared aggressive.

Someone followed a reckless driver who reportedly was swerving, driving up on curbs and speeding on Airport Road and the west side of town. A tow truck was called.

An 18-year-old had questions about gun ownership and wanted to know if he could buy one.

A woman told police she was being stalked by an unknown man who threatened to blow her head off and kill a former president.

A woman, who was reportedly in a store for two hours, was thought to be getting high in the bathroom when employees heard the toilet flushing several times and she went out to a sidewalk where she looked like she was passing out and waking up. Employees said they found an empty package for a wireless charging kit and an empty bottle of apple cider vinegar pills.

Someone rummaged through a truck and the owner discovered an empty toolbox and missing farrier equipment.

A parent told police their daughter was hit in the face by her boyfriend, which left a black eye and they had questions on what law enforcement could do.

A concerned neighbor wanted police to check on the welfare of a family where a woman was attempting to leave a house with children “for safety reasons” and a possibly drunk man kept driving by, parking sideways in the driveway and ramming trashcans. The man claimed the incident was verbal only and the woman was staying at a motel for the night.

Someone called police about a man who reportedly overdosed on heroin. He was transported to the hospital.

A dumpster fire was reported 10 feet away from a building where there were supposedly 8-foot tall flames. The cause of the flames may have been a grease trap.

Someone called to report a woman was beaten up and had lacerations on her legs.

A 16-year-old licensed from out of state had questions about driving restrictions and was worried about whether there were curfews.

Someone reported a vehicle hit a tree in their yard containing two teens and a 12-year-old.

Someone woke up and noticed a woman and man searching vehicles with flashlights.

A 2-year-old allegedly unlocked a door and left a room because “he wanted to go to the park.” This was allegedly the third time the child had opened the locked door and left. When the child’s dad was located, he claimed he would ask staff to install a chain lock that the child couldn’t reach.

A man was outside an apartment building, where he didn’t live, knocking on doors, screaming and yelling at neighbors. Police spotted the man on Fifth Avenue West North and West Idaho Street and “encouraged” him not to return to the apartment complex.

A woman with a knife reportedly was using it to damage someone’s motor home.

A man told police his wife assaulted him and he went to a friend’s house.

A stack of credit cards with different names on them was discovered by people doing grounds maintenance around a building.

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