Ferret found, but no owner in sight

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Someone told the Kalispell Police Department he found a ferret wearing a collar outside Kalispell Center Mall and waited with it until law enforcement arrived.

Police received a complaint about a man apparently banging on a mailbox and screaming loudly at no one in particular.

A dog was seen in a car with its windows cracked for over 30 minutes. Someone thought the dog was in distress because it was panting, drooling and had its tongue hanging out.

A shepherd mix dog was loose on the highway and the owner was not able to contain it.

A woman urinated in a parking lot and then passed out, but refused medical assistance.

An accidental caller to the Kalispell Police Department became rude and angry with 911 dispatchers. She cursed at them and asked, “are you going to come here and arrest me?” even though she had initiated the contact with the police.

Someone reported that her cellphone had been stolen at her friend’s house.

Someone had $2,000 stolen from his closet by his son and the son’s girlfriend.

A maroon Ford Explorer was seen suspiciously driving up and down Airport Road.

Someone reported a suspicious-looking lawn mower.

It was unclear whether items had been stolen or there was simply garbage behind a north Kalispell big-box store when someone called, reporting a suspicious collection of things including two drink containers.

Someone called the Columbia Falls Police Department with concern about a pair of hitchhikers. The caller had given them a ride, a sleeping bag and money. They later called him asking for more money because they were allegedly being held at gunpoint.

A shredded tire was removed from a highway.

A suspicious man looked in someone’s window, knocked on the door, came in the unlocked door and said hello to the man living there. He had on a dark green trench coat and the caller didn’t recognize him.

A drunk, angry man yelled at a neighbor from his own property. He told the neighbor he calls his workplace every week in attempts to get his neighbor fired.

A night clerk was concerned about a man and woman who arrived in two separate vehicles and then spent an hour and 45 minutes in the same vehicle. They were moved along.

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