Drive-thru is convenient drug drop-off

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A man supposedly went through a Ninth Street drive-thru and gave an employee “edible drugs.” The employee wasn’t certain what kind of drug it was, but it reportedly came in the form of gummy bears and they wanted Columbia Falls Police Department to pick it up.

A verbal disturbance was reported on 12th Street when a woman went to pick up belongings at an ex’s and the man’s mother allegedly shoved her multiple times, grabbed her arm and pushed her off the porch. The mother hen also supposedly shouted various obscenities.

Someone calling from Talbot Road got home from work to find a door smashed in, but believed the individual(s) responsible didn’t gain entry.

A man told Kalispell Police Department he loaned his vehicle to a friend to get coffee, but that was hours ago and it had not been returned. He called back to update officers that another friend saw it on U.S. 2. The vehicle was located and released to the man. Whether they got coffee, or remained friends following the incident wasn’t clear.

Someone believed the leaks in his roof were purportedly caused by a neighbor who had been shooting his gun outside.

An allegedly raucous wedding reception, possibly underway on Hawthorn, was too much for someone who called police to complain about noise. The merrymakers were advised to keep it down.

Police received a report from a man alleging a neighbor assaulted them with a carjack handle and also entered their house and destroyed property.

Someone dining out experienced a restaurant atmosphere that reportedly included seven people fighting over a dog out front.

A group of loud, intoxicated men decided to take their party in front of a guest’s room. The guest told police they saw one of the men urinate on a tree. Officers spoke to a group of about 10 and they supposedly wrapped it up and headed back to their rooms.

Someone inquired about whether graffiti left in a neighborhood was gang-related. Officers were advised there was no indication the graffiti has any connection with gang activity.

A Second Avenue East resident was upset about noise, alleging someone was chain-sawing for the last five hours.

A man in his 50s apparently refused to accept that he will never be welcome at a certain property from which he had previously been removed from and was reportedly told by police not to not return again, and if he did, he would be arrested.

A driver noticed several men fighting in a restaurant parking lot. Police spoke with the manager, who claimed it was just one man pushing another man, “nothing more.”

Someone called to report three staff members were reportedly assaulted by a patient. The caller wanted to press charges.

An employee on Hutton Ranch Road told officers they attempted to confront people who looked like they were breaking into vehicles and they sped off.

Three boys were reportedly trying to break into a school when someone saw them looking in windows with flashlights and attempting to open doors and then began running. Three individuals were detained.

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