Man found in ‘birthday suit’ after revelry

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Flathead County Sheriff’s Department received a call from someone on Montana 206 in Columbia Falls who requested a welfare check for a naked man passed out in a vehicle in a parking lot. The man, who was supposedly visibly intoxicated claimed he went to a river to celebrate “national nudist day.”

Management on U.S. 2 in West Glacier told an intoxicated and belligerent man not to light fireworks from the property so he reportedly started lighting them in the roadway.

Criminal mischief was reportedly underway over a couple of days on U.S. 2 in Marion when a man told deputies people were riding four-wheelers through his yard and running over items and allegedly destroying fencing, cables, plastic tools and rope.

A woman on Grand Drive in Bigfork claimed she spoke to an elderly woman at a front desk about losing her purse and was told her purse would not be returned because she did damage in her room. The woman claimed she gave $50 to cover the alleged damage and the elderly woman still wouldn’t return the purse, saying she hit her during an altercation.

Someone called deputies after watching a helicopter pick people up on a short and transport them to the middle of the lake where they jumped out and didn’t think it was safe.

A woman calling from Evergreen Drive told officers she confirmed her social security number to a scammer and had loaded money onto Google Play cards for them.

A property owner calling from U.S. 2 in Essex reported a group of 12 were camping on his property and reportedly refusing to leave. The owner said although there was an easement for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, it was only for transit and fishing, not camping.

Someone was suspicious of a woman who supposedly rode her bike past a U.S. 2 location in Kalispell four times and claimed she had stolen from them in the past. The woman was last seen riding with two men who were also on bicycles.

Kalispell Police Department received a report from someone who said they were headbutted in the face.

A resident who lived near a park told police the surface of the basketball court was allegedly burned by fireworks and knew one of the individuals involved in the incident.

A man told police he followed two “kids,” who supposedly cut him off, to a Hutton Ranch Road store parking lot and parked behind their vehicle, refusing to let them out. The kids went into the store and the man told dispatchers he would not restrain them and would fill out a statement and turn it in. The suspect vehicle left before officers arrived.

A woman reported someone tagged fencing and a garage with graffiti in an alley between Sixth Street East and Seventh Street East.

A motorcycle traveling northbound on East Center Street reportedly passed in between vehicles in the center of both lanes.

Someone said they received a threatening phone call while at the post office. The caller purportedly threatened to murder them and their family and possibly a famous musician.

A man showed up at someone’s home in a vehicle allegedly filled with stolen items.

A passerby saw a possibly intoxicated man walking in the middle of the road.

Someone told police that while exchanging insurance information with a man who hit their vehicle, he appeared to be very intoxicated and went into a bar.

An employee requested a welfare check on a young man who locked himself inside a bathroom, didn’t turn the light on, was groaning and pounding on the wall and then the noise stopped. The man finally came out of the bathroom where he purportedly had been vomiting.

Police stopped a man in a backyard after he was reportedly seen running by railroad tracks, down an alley and jumping fences on the east side.

Two vehicles were allegedly parked at an angle in a supposed “no parking” area in an alley, which “forced” vehicles to come out of a drive-thru in the wrong direction. The building owner had reportedly put up a “no parking” sign and the vehicles were not blocking egress.

A woman was seen sitting down and “bouncing all over,” in a store and the person calling it in thought it might be drug related. The woman purportedly wouldn’t communicate with the person except that she came from out of town. She was taken to the hospital at her request.

A woman called police to report being treated in the emergency room after being punched in the head twice by a man who purportedly believed she had already boarded a flight back home. She claimed he threatened her by text that she would be arrested because she scratched him to get him off her.

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