Ice cream truck jingle spooks couple

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Kalispell Police Department received a report from a man requesting extra patrol after purportedly hearing “super creepy” sounds like music coming from an ice cream truck driving around the neighborhood.” He claimed his girlfriend also heard it and he thought it was strange that an ice cream truck would be driving around at 12:30-1 a.m.

Vehicles were reportedly swerving to avoid a truck partially parked in a roadway.

Smoke from a toaster set off a fire alarm in the staff room of a medical facility.

A store manager was concerned for the welfare of a possibly 3-year-old child in a car, but not in a car seat, with three men who were drinking. One of the men reportedly bought beer with cash after a credit card was declined because it was supposedly stolen. The vehicle headed westbound on the bypass.

Another call came in possibly about the same vehicle. This time, the vehicle was spotted at a drive-thru. The driver and two passengers were described as intoxicated and a toddler reportedly not buckled in.

A janitor told police someone smeared fecal matter all over a couple of employees’ chairs and had suspects in mind.

A woman in an SUV “just about” ran over a store loss prevention employee when she backed up and “tried to” hit them after leaving with a cartload of merchandise.

Someone setting up equipment for an event allegedly noticed damage to or theft of laptops, an external hard drive, a light controller and wireless transmitter, among other equipment.

A pickup reportedly passed someone at a speed over 100 mph on Willow Glen.

A vehicle at an intersection allegedly threw a large soft drink all over a woman’s vehicle and threw the cup into the roadway before heading westbound on U.S. 2. The baffled woman said she did not want to press charges just wanted police to talk to them. Police located the registered owner of the vehicle who claimed she did not know the name of the man who was in her car at the time of the incident. The vehicle owner was counseled.

A man sitting against a building was supposedly seen twitching and screaming according to someone who said they could see “baggies” and pipes next to him. The man was gone by the time police arrived.

A concerned mother told police her teenage daughter was being stalked by a male who had been following her and then reportedly parked on the block where they lived to watch her.

A woman saw a truck pull up in front of her house and a man with dark hair and a beard allegedly throw something out the window. When she went to see what he threw she reportedly found a very young kitten.

A resident requested extra patrol after allegedly viewing camera footage of someone coming up to their house who said, “it won’t work, they have a camera.” The person then ran back to a small pickup.

A man requested extra patrol on U.S. 93 after telling police his brother, who was seated behind him in a vehicle, allegedly held a gun to his head. The man claimed his brother thought he had hit his girlfriend, knocking her glasses off. For some reason, the man, who sounded very intoxicated, supposedly could not explain that he had removed her glasses because “she was being mean to him.” The man reportedly decided he did not want to speak to police further or press charges.

Someone requested a welfare check on a man lying on the floor of post office who was talking to himself and then became non-responsive or fell asleep. Turns out, he was just sleeping.

Extra patrol was requested on West Wyoming Street when a woman received a phone call from an extremely intoxicated man who supposedly said he would “destroy your little church.”

Someone calling from Glenwood Drive told police they heard people fighting and arguing and a man say “then shoot me,” and then saw another man start running. They reportedly heard someone else yell, “Give me the gun.” They told police the people might be on Hawthorn Drive and headed toward Rosewood Drive. Police caught up with juvenile males who had reportedly been chased and they claimed no guns were mentioned. A man reportedly verbally confronted two males and said no weapons were mentioned or brandished.

A man and a woman smoking cigarettes were screaming at each other.

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