Sour cream-eater confronts Kalispell Police

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A man was swaying, staggering and eating a tub of sour cream in the Kalispell Police Department lobby.

A suspicious man was banging on doors with “spatulas in his hands” south of Woodland Park.

Someone complained that vehicles were parked unsafely in front of the medical center. It is unclear which driver was actually unsafe, since all the cars were legally parked and the caller said she almost hit someone twice while driving in the parking lot.

Someone complained about dogs barking at an address that does not seem to exist.

A Kalispell resident complained about the smell of dog waste in a neighbor’s yard that reportedly made it unpleasant to sit in the backyard.

A man was removed from Walmart just before it seemed like he was going to push a cart full of items out the door. He later showed up at Best Buy, acting erratically and “flipping off passing vehicles.”

A property owner reported that someone is dropping luggage on his property every week.

A white pug was so skittish that no one could catch it.

Teenagers were driving recklessly on Hawthorn Avenue. One drove through a neighborhood with two people in the driver’s seat, four people in the front seat, one on the roof and another on the bumper.

A casino reported ongoing issues with a transient male missing most of his teeth.

Another man, this one with only three teeth, was making everyone in a store uncomfortable.

Someone complained that parents weren’t paying enough attention to their kids because the kids were playing in the road and riding bicycles in the driveway.

Someone called the police but then his mom said he was just “throwing a hissy fit.”

A woman lit her hair on fire and was aggressive with people who tried to help her.

Someone told the Columbia Falls Police Department that he was getting continual text messages threatening to accuse him of things to get him fired.

Someone complained to the police about a dog’s “nonstop barking,” but when an officer went to the house the barking had stopped.

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