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A man riding a bike called the Kalispell Police Department after he rode past a man who was pushing a shopping cart that held two guitars. The caller said he thought it was strange that he didnít stay on the bike path and turned and headed into the field.

Someone who works at a grocery store reported finding a bottle of pain reliever that contained some other type of drugs. When an officer looked into it, he discovered the substance was Himalayan rock salt, which is apparently rock salt mined from the Punjab region of modern Pakistan.

A casino employee called to report a man possibly selling stolen merchandise from the trunk of his car. The employee said the man wasnít wearing shoes or socks and his hat was on backward. When an officer looked into the incident, he determined the man was selling a speaker to a friend and it didnít seem to be a criminal matter.

A surgeon at the hospital mistakenly called 911. The front desk said everything was 10-4.

Someone reported a car break-in, but an investigating officer learned the suspect was actually the owner of the vehicle unlocking his car.

A man with a goatee was accused of stealing one bottle of beer and fleeing the scene in a black Jeep. The caller said there is video footage of the crime.

Some people working on the siding of a house set off an alarm.

A group of four women tried to take off with a cart full of stuff, but the caller stopped them. The accused quartet left the scene in a blue Saturn with Oklahoma plates.

Someone reported an emaciated pit bull near the high school. The caller said the animal didnít have a collar and eventually walked into a white house.

A person said there were two infants in the back of a silver Volvo in their car seats. The caller didnít know if the car was on, but the windows were up and the kids had been in the car for about 10 minutes.

A store manager got a homeless man to leave the property after giving him tacos.

Someone said a homeless person was sleeping on a mattress in the ditch. When an officer searched, all that was found was a mattress and a pile of clothes.

Another caller heard tires squealing and a loud bang or a crash noise. The person wasnít sure if there was a wreck or not, but an officer found no sign of what the caller was referring to.

Another incident occurred of a person going through a secondhand store donation bin and this time it was a man on a bike. When an officer spoke to the man, he said he was donating items. The man was told to only donate during daylight hours.

A business owner called to report a man sleeping in a Ford Ranger in the back parking lot. The owner asked the man to leave and not return. The man was apologetic, but didnít leave until the man was moved along by police.

A property manager called and said his tenants told him a transient man was living inside a van parked near the residences and that he ďdumps his urineĒ in the morning. An officer learned the van was legally parked on a city street. It did contain several bags of clothes, but the man wasnít inside at the time.

A woman reported her wallet was stolen from her purse while she was in the front office.

A man loaned his vehicle to a friend, but he hadnít returned it at the agreed time. He later learned the vehicle was in Kila and was going to see if the police could help.

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