Boy gets early start on driver’s ed

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A 10-year-old child was seen driving an SUV on U.S. 2 with an older man in the passenger seat, according to Kalispell Police Department logs.

Residents near Three Mile Drive heard a shotgun being fired. It didn’t sound like fireworks.

A hotel guest left his dope in the room after checking out. Police were called to collect the drugs.

A man was seen leaning back in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked on Kelly Road. The caller didn’t know if the person was sleeping or if “it was something worse.” Police investigated and learned that the man was just waiting to pick up his wife after work.

A woman said her ex was speeding and leaving burnouts on her road. The aggressive driving had been ongoing for at least 30 minutes.

A bunch of beer bottles were tossed from a white Chevy pickup with a bow-hunter sticker on the back window.

Extremely loud talkers were keeping up the neighborhood with their giggling and laughing. They agreed to simmer down when police arrived on scene.

Another raging party with blaring music was reported on Leisure Drive. The homeowner was counseled about the noise ordinance and officers were assured that the noisy offender had departed and that the shenanigans would stop.

A dead bird was found with a blowgun dart in its back. The caller believed the killing happened overnight and wanted to know if such activity was allowed in the city.

A man was curled up with a blanket and pillow next to a busy road. It seemed dangerous to be sleeping within such close proximity to the highway.

Someone reported a pit bull had attacked another dog, which was in a fenced yard.

An officer was with a group of people in trucks and helped them find some legal parking spots.

Another pit bull was reported after several people walking past said it kept jumping the fence in an attempt to attack them.

Someone said a woman backed up to the drop-off containers and placed several items into her car. It was later determined she was dropping off items, which is precisely what the container is for.

A neighbor blaring music resulted in a phone call to authorities. Who would have thought?

A 14-year-old called Columbia Falls Police because someone popped the tires of his bike. He said the suspect was wearing an orange T-shirt, had red hair and was riding a bike with big, fat tires, apparently by unlawful means.

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