Shirtless man makes off with salad mix

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A shirtless man with a blanket draped over him reportedly went to a gas station and shoved salad down his pants and took a box of 5-hour Energy drinks, smashing it on the floor while yelling obscenities before heading northbound on U.S. 93 South.

A transient woman and an “aggressive” German shepherd were seen sitting by a bank door. Yet, it was possibly the other way around when the woman was described as being “immediately argumentative and confrontational,” by the Kalispell Police Department.

Police received a report of a youth with a gun on his hip, sitting in a truck bed, allegedly “staring people down.” The person calling in the report didn’t think it was “legal for a juvenile to carry a weapon” and thought he was “waiting for something” because the way he was “looking at people was odd.” Police spoke to the boy with the stone-cold stare and his grandma, who were both OK. The “weapon” was an airsoft gun.

Maybe it was just a celebration that someone heard on Jubilee Court when they reported screaming and yelling.

A woman requested another two weeks of extra patrol due to continued harassment from a man with a beard driving a blue vehicle.

A mattress was spotted on a bridge.

Someone said their mailbox was broken into and a $10 necklace stolen with the empty package left behind. The person reportedly mentioned a postal employee drove by four times and thought it was odd.

Someone told police a man supposedly came around a corner recklessly leaving smoke clouds in his wake. The person felt it was very unsafe with kids and animals in the area.

A woman said her ex was harassing her and her clients by calling and texting her continuously and taking pictures of clients’ vehicles. She was “strongly advised” to continue the temporary restraining order process she had reportedly started.

Someone reported a man in a black pickup that allegedly speeds up and down 14th Street East, and, on this particular day, it was “going so fast that he couldn’t make the 90 degree turn, had to stop and back up.”

A woman thought the loud noises she heard sounded like an individual “punching cars” or hitting something. She claimed she saw a man outside kicking and throwing solar lights in someone’s yard in addition to throwing roadwork signs out into the street, then walking on Third Avenue. The agitated man allegedly said that officers “let him go,” but he wanted to go to jail “to sit out his fines,” upset that he owed thousands in restitution. He also allegedly said he was armed and would shoot a cop.

A tall and slender man was seen trying to jimmy a lock and get into a camper in the Second Street West North area.

Someone supposedly heard their neighbors “attacking each other” with a baby in the apartment and were yelling “at the top of their lungs” and thought they might be using drugs. A man allegedly said he shoved a coffee table that scraped a woman’s arm, but she didn’t want to pursue charges. A small jar of marijuana was seen on a table and paraphernalia, which was taken for destruction.

Painkillers were stolen from someone’s home.

Someone complained about disorderly kids at Hawthorne Park.

It was a dark day on Shady Lane in Kalispell when four boys reportedly went to someone’s house to “beat up” their son. The parent told Flathead County Sheriff’s Department the boys allegedly yelled at them and shoved their son. The rapscallions supposedly headed toward the Old Steel Bridge to “continue the fight.”

A school employee on Montana 83 in Bigfork reported a rock thrown at a double-paned kitchen window and it went through the outer layer.

An injured, bleeding pit bull was seen stuck between fences on Fourth Street in Kalispell. Officers determined it was the same dog that had reportedly been shot with a stun gun and was taken to the Flathead County Animal Shelter to get the probes removed.

Someone calling from Farm to Market Road near Whitefish thought it was suspicious when they were allegedly flagged down by a little red car and the driver asked where they were and “how to get to the woods.” The person calling said an older woman in the passenger seat seemed “out of it” and was talking to herself.

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