Another bear has hankering for chicken

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A man called the Columbia Falls Police Department because a 6-foot black bear was in his backyard at a Seventh Street residence trying to get into a chicken coop. The bear later headed toward the river.

The owner of an apartment building reported a drug dealer living in one of his units. The man wanted extra patrols in the neighborhood.

A hitchhiker moving through the area stopped into the police station and had some questions.

Someone reported seeing and hearing something burning. That was all.

A store employee reported someone paid with a counterfeit bill.

Someone reported a broken basement window. It appeared no one entered the church.

A blue bike was found in the bushes on Railroad Street.

A confused woman was asking for police assistance. She claimed it was an emergency, but when she was asked for more information, she hung up. When someone talked to her husband, he confirmed some facts that explained the situation.

A woman said a police officer called her, reporting a bike had been found. She said she’d come back when an officer was available.

Three people who appeared to be setting up to sleep in the park were advised of the rules and moved along.

After a request for extra patrol, an officer reported all was quiet in the area of Council Bluffs Drive.

Two callers reported egg-throwing incidents on Beth Road. One car was hit but the assailants missed the others.

Someone called the Whitefish Police Department to report a black motorcycle in a ditch near the junction of U.S. 93 and Montana 40. A message was left for the owner of the bike.

A woman called because she was concerned for deer on Baker Avenue because of speeding vehicles. When she was asked what the vehicles looked like, she said “all of them.”

A new resident said he was called and told there was a warrant for his arrest. He gave out his Social Security number before learning the whole thing was fictitious. He contacted his credit card company, no account had been opened and no money had been lost.

Someone who was having issues with a roommate said he had put all of the other’s person’s possessions in the front yard, except for a few items in the bank vault.

A woman found a backpack with bike repair tools in it at the intersection of Third and Geddes Avenue. She said she was going to post it on social media to try and find the owner.

A bear was getting into garbage at homes on Third Avenue.

Someone found a powdery substance in one of their portable toilets and wanted it picked up.

An “old and broken” person wanted to thank police for helping to get through another night. She said she wanted patrols to continue because she needs some peace in her life.

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