Children riding bicycles accused of being threat to public safety

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Someone was disgruntled about children riding bicycles in the roadway because they were purportedly blocking traffic when they didn’t move out of the way for vehicles. The person wanted Kalispell Police Department to talk to their parents about the supposed public safety issue. The person was advised the children were playing in a common area and that they could take the issue up with the landlord.

A passerby allegedly saw a man in a black car waving his arms and screaming. Then, he reportedly got out of the car and yelled at an elderly couple in the vehicle behind him. He then got back into his vehicle and left.

A man living in an apartment building alleged an upstairs neighbor smokes methamphetamine and blows the smoke out the window, which reportedly comes through his open window and he was “tired of it.”

A man reportedly spotted his stolen vehicle and parked behind it while waiting for police. The vehicle was turned over to the owner.

A man was “trespassed” from a store on U.S. 93 North after allegedly stalking a woman by following her into work and to her house.

A man was reportedly banned from a store where his ex worked after calling the store more than 30 times and tying up the phone lines.

A teen calling from U.S. 93 reportedly told officers she was being blocked from leaving her vehicle by four men who were threatening her and her boyfriend.

The men then purportedly began fighting and slamming each other against a truck and more people joined the fight. She saw one man on the ground and a woman get hit in the tussle before she couldn’t see them anymore. The teen said her phone was dying and the line disconnected before dispatchers got her name.

Someone thought a male hitchhiker allegedly standing in the middle of the road appeared intoxicated. The man told officers he was bit by something causing his arm to swell and requested an ambulance.

Someone called police to report they allegedly saw a man breaking into a house on Fourth Avenue East or he could also be a friend of the resident. The caller said it looked like the man was trying to use tools to get in and also appeared to be on the phone. The man then went around to the backyard.

A couple of vehicles were supposedly driving in an area posted “no unauthorized vehicles” and were parking on the grass. The person who saw the vehicles thought they might be there for a birthday party, but weren’t sure. Police spoke to a permit holder who was reportedly going to get the other vehicles moved.

A man reportedly sitting in his vehicle told police that people in vehicles parked in front of his, were allegedly hacking into his phone. He told police he thought they had weapons because he “saw someone hand something to someone else.” The man was reportedly talking very fast and muffled and was “extremely difficult to understand.” After police arrived on scene a tow truck was called.

Someone reported sugar in their gas tank and slashed tires. This was supposedly the second time this has happened.

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