Plot thickens in flower-pot whodunit

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Six hanging flower pots were reportedly stolen from various locations on Main Street in Kalispell. The plot of the missing pots thickened when a later call came in from someone on U.S. 93 who told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office they saw a Facebook posting of the missing flowers and that a woman had sold them two of the hanging pots for $15 each. The caller then claimed the flowers they purchased had “already been stolen again.”

A manager on Best Way in Columbia Falls told officers a cleanup crew thought they found what looked like human feet and a small hand, but turned out to be bear remains, according to Fish and Game.

A tall, skinny man was spotted “dancing and hiding in the trees,” by someone on Montana 35 in Kalispell.

A Morning View Drive resident in Kalispell alleged the driver of a dually truck pulling a trailer, who reportedly collects trash, did a 35-foot burnout while leaving the resident’s driveway, “disrupting the gravel.”

Someone on Willow Glen Drive in Kalispell reported a window smashed in their vehicle.

A man on his way to Canada told officers he had rented a cabin in the Olney area and claimed the property owner told him he had a gun in his house and that if he returned he would shoot them. The caller was mainly concerned that the property owner reported “his group” for supposedly stealing the owner’s side by side (an off-road utility vehicle). The caller was told that, based on what he said, no crime had been committed and the incident determined a civil matter.

A mattress blew out of a trailer onto the roadway on Reserve Drive and the driver hadn’t taken care of it.

A large tire was sitting in the fast lane on U.S. 93 in Whitefish and vehicles were swerving to avoid it.

An employee on U.S. 2 reported a strange man standing in front of their building who proceeded to walk to a fast-food restaurant and “broke into” their trash bin and had been digging in the trash “ever since.”

A property manager on Nucleus Avenue in Columbia Falls was concerned when they saw a pickup with a “steady leak of diesel.”

Someone believed they saw two teens in two vehicles drinking and smoking on Painted Shadow Road in Kalispell.

A woman on U.S. 2 was playing with her dog when the driver of a semi-truck moved over to the passenger side and allegedly started videotaping her.

A woman calling from Third Street in Martin City told officers about concerns that two individuals were allegedly shooting from their front door toward houses that were next to a ballpark.

A business owner on U.S. 93 purportedly made the simple request that a man driving a “jacked-up” truck slow down, but he supposedly spun out and threw gravel instead. The driver then went to the business owner’s backdoor swearing and yelling. The intoxicated man supposedly denied driving recklessly to deputies.

A Conrad Drive resident in Kalispell was suspicious of a truck that allegedly pulled into their driveway and people got out, but they didn’t know where they were. The resident told officers there was a baseball bat and a cellphone in the truck and was concerned that items in a shop located on the property could be stolen.

A man allegedly tried pushing a woman into traffic on U.S.93.

Someone on U.S. 2 told Columbia Falls Police Department a woman admitted to them she was intoxicated after she was allegedly seen driving recklessly, speeding and crossing multiple lanes, when she drove into a park along the way, hitting a fence and some park equipment in the neighborhood of Martha and Diane roads.

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