Runaway cart angers grocery gang

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According to a Kalispell Police report, a woman with two children was allegedly threatened by a man who claimed to be in a gang after her shopping car allegedly struck his vehicle. The man allegedly took a photo of her license plates and her before telling her he’d come back for her.

Someone reported an individual for wearing a nylon ski mask and making a video.

A man reported two young men for allegedly hiding behind some trees, “smoking something” and filming him while he was working.

A woman reported a man for having something she thought resembled a body wrapped in a red blanket in the back of his truck.

Four people reportedly attacked a woman and stole her money before retreating to a hotel room just down the road. The alleged victim was able to identify the individuals and the room they occupied.

Someone reported seeing a man driving down the middle of a road before parking in the middle of a street.

A man reported unauthorized entry to his hotel room where he’d been staying for a week. He said he arrived back at the room to find the door ajar and said he’d put something in the lock to see if anyone had opened it or not. The man told police he’d be waiting for them in the parking lot. Police arrived to find the housekeeper tidying up.

A bus driver reported a woman for following behind his bus full of school children. When the bus driver stopped at a restaurant, the woman allegedly parked right in front of the bus, called the driver an idiot and left.

Someone reported a half-clothed man for allegedly attempting to break into a house. The man was seen stumbling onto the homeowner’s front porch and throwing his body against the door, screaming when he couldn’t get the locked door to open. The man then wandered off.

According to a Columbia Falls Police report, a parent called police to try to get his “vape” back after his child allegedly took it to school and had it confiscated. The parent said he called the school multiple times but could not get a response.

Someone reportedly witnessed two women fighting in a parking lot, one of whom was allegedly striking the other with a crow bar.

A vehicle reportedly caught fire on Nucleus Avenue. All passengers made it out safely and a man with a fire extinguisher put it out without emergency responder assistance.

A concerned mother called the police to report a dog bite and a bullying incident. The woman said her son was walking home from school when another child allegedly pushed him into a fence where he got bitten by a large dog. The boy was unharmed.

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