Chase and assault caught on camera

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Kalispell Police Department responded to a report that a man in a white vehicle was allegedly being chased by men in a silver vehicle and a tan vehicle. A passenger in the silver vehicle reportedly jumped out of the car and tried to assault the man in the white vehicle. A passerby, who reportedly recorded the incident said the vehicles were headed northbound on Seventh Avenue West.

A busybody wanted police to check out a group allegedly doing “military training” at Woodland Park and call him back because he “didn’t think this was the proper place for this kind of training to be taking place.” The man didn’t actually see the activity he was calling in to report, rather heard it from others, but thought “he was the only smart one to inquire about it.” Turns out, it was Kalispell Fire Department and Montana National Guard conducting HAZMAT training.

A woman was purportedly seen going through trash, pulling out clothing and dancing around.

Someone reported a dog with a long cable attached to its collar was tangled up in their trees and bushes. Police returned the dog to its owner and issued a citation for dog at large.

A 4-year-old might have viewed a sleeping parent as an opportunity to play outside when someone saw the child running around reportedly unsupervised. The person knocked on the door and rang the bell of a house, but no one answered and the child reportedly said their dad was sleeping.

A concerned parent told police a man staying with some tenants allegedly asked their children “if they had seen his cat.” When the parent confronted the man he purportedly became hesitant, stuttered and acted strangely.

A woman went to look for her stolen vehicle in the location someone reportedly saw it only to find just the steering wheel cover on the ground.

An employee on U.S. 2 West noticed a man wearing a bright orange hoodie on a bicycle reportedly looking through vehicles in the parking lot. They also noticed a truck that showed up and thought it was possibly related to the man’s suspicious activity. The bicyclist was then seen in an entryway texting on his phone. The man reportedly had a misdemeanor and officers took possession of the bike.

A woman was concerned that her roommate was purportedly trying to get her to claim his gun was hers and store it in her room so he could “legally have it in the house.” She thought the man was not supposed to own a firearm, and, when she discovered it, they got into a “heated argument.”

Someone was “trying to wrangle a dog” on the loose.

A woman reportedly kept calling someone saying she was going to “bring people over to steal her car.”

A man on Riparian Drive wanted to talk to a Columbia Falls Police officer about a curious incident where a man reportedly approached him and his friend while they were sitting in a park after sports practice and said they were destroying property and accused them of cutting a tree down.

A Fourth Avenue resident reported music that was so loud it allegedly shook the floor.

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