Man doesn’t like neighbor’s stink eye

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A man called Kalispell Police Department because he believed his neighbor, whose address he didn’t know, was retired from law enforcement and he wanted an officer to talk with his neighbor “about why he is glaring at him when passing his home.” The man was counseled.

Two men in a fit of road rage ended up fighting in front of a church.

Someone reported hearing women screaming from an alley apartment. Turns out, the verbal disturbance was caused by two women trying to get a mouse of the house.

Officers responded to a call that a man in a truck driving up a hill was allegedly trying to “run down” a 12- and 13-year-old, who supposedly had video footage of the vehicle that headed westbound on Second Street.

A man with walked out of a store with a Smartwool shirt he shoplifted and put on, along with a bright blue puffy Patagonia jacket before driving away in a rusty truck.

A man walking east of Center Street was approached by a man he thought was on drugs because he was speaking very loudly and making statements about rape, rubbing his nose and then picked up a sign and threw it in the street.

An employee reported a man who was with a woman and four children for reportedly stealing $65 worth of ammo.

A black Hyundai Kona was reported stolen.

A general manager allegedly “chased off” kids purportedly using the businesses picnic tables and leaving trash behind and wanted police to “talk to the school like they have done for them in the past.”

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on Dawn Drive in Columbia Falls where a woman allegedly threatened to hit a man with a shovel. The man told officers the woman hit him with a rock last year. Deputies issued a citation.

Someone on U.S. 2 in Kalispell told deputies they spotted a friend’s truck that had reportedly been stolen and pulled up next to the vehicle to make contact when then truck took off. The person reportedly chased the vehicle to Spring Creek Road where two men and a woman got out and ran away. A woman was taken into custody and the vehicle returned to its owner.

An employee on Main Street in Kalispell requested officers check on the welfare of a man lying down with a blanket by the dumpster who didn’t seem to be moving very much. Officers provided the man with shelter information and gave him “dignity items,” before he was moved along.

A German shepherd apparently believes the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence when it jumped one on Arbour Road in Kalispell. The neighbor put the dog back in its own yard and told deputies it was an ongoing problem.

Animal cruelty was reported on Tiger Lily Lane in Marion when someone reported there were several ducks with broken legs and dead birds. The person calling in the report gave officers one of the dead ducks to be dropped off at a pet emergency clinic for a necropsy to try and determine the cause of death.

Two horses, or possibly a horse and mule duo, were on the run down Tamarack Lane, heading south through the woods in Columbia Falls. They were then spotted on Half Moon Road where they stopped to eat.

An Echo Lake Road resident in Bigfork reported finding a dead chicken after two dogs on the loose were picked up from her property and believed they were the culprits.

Someone reported a stolen kayak on Spruce Road in Kalispell.

A Lakeside man wanted assistance in getting a temporary restraining order after he received an alleged threatening email from an ex that said “better be careful,” “watch out” and “coming for you.”

A semi truck was seen swerving and almost hitting several vehicles by someone following it from East to West Glacier.

Someone on Parliament Drive in Kalispell said their very intoxicated ex reportedly slashed a tire on a vehicle and left — supposedly angry because they wouldn’t let him see their daughter who was sleeping. Officers spoke with the man who said he was supposedly in Columbia Falls.

,A Coram resident was concerned about an ongoing issue with a former friend who she believed asked a man to come out to the property to retrieve items and when she told him “no” over the phone he purportedly made threats to her husband such as “you’ve just pissed off the wrong guy,” and “I’m a member of the special forces sniper unit.” Deputies advised the man not to call or go to the residence.

South Kalispell Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Kelly Road at 2:04 p.m. Monday. The fire started in the kitchen of the residence and was knocked down within a few minutes, according to South Kalispell Fire Department Chief Chris Yerkes. There were no injuries or occupants in the residence at the time. The cause of the fire was cooking-related.

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