Man seeks options for feisty wildlife

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A man called Kalispell Police Department to find out what his options were in dealing with a raccoon in a tree behind his house that “tried to get his cat.”

Someone with binoculars saw a purportedly agitated and unhealthy-looking man in a hatchback light up a pipe, grab items and move a lot. A tow truck was called.

Someone requested a welfare check on an elderly woman who supposedly had trouble parking and then fell in the parking lot.

A woman saw a young man with bright orange hair reportedly attempting to break into her vehicle so she shouted and he ran off. Officers detained a man on 10th Street East.

A truck with “paper plates” was reportedly parked in front of someone’s house for a week.

Two brothers who parked their trucks in a West Idaho Street lot returned from work to find the windows broken out and reported shotgun shells and a backpack containing climbing equipment were missing.

Someone claimed a vehicle hadn’t been moved from Fifth Avenue East in two months and it had also been parked in an apartment building next door for more than a year.

Someone told police that a resident in their building, who was in the process of moving out, allegedly admitted to molesting a couple of girls. The person was counseled.

A man called police and said he couldn’t find his vehicle that allegedly went missing on East Idaho Street. He said people “were supposed to be back to pick him up and never returned.” He claimed they called him and said his truck was pulled over and was being investigated by federal officers.

Someone was suspicious of three men yelling at each other who were standing around a car with all the doors open. The men were supposedly acting strange and moving things in and out of the vehicle “over and over,” and they thought maybe the trio was under the influence. Police made contact with the people and all was said to be OK.

A store manager told police that a man allegedly threatened to kill a woman.

Two 14-year-olds ran out of a Hutton Ranch Road store with a case of beer then got into a vehicle heading northbound on U.S. 93. A store assistant manager told police they would get surveillance footage and a statement ready for law enforcement.

A man threatened to shoot a neighbor’s dog if it didn’t stop barking and claimed he spoke with the owners, but nothing had been done. Police drove through the area and no dogs were heard barking.

A motel manager cut the lock off a room and requested police assistance in escorting a guest off the property who refused to leave. He eventually left.

A man had questions about the legitimacy of a letter and a phone call he received from an organization called “American Police officers Alliance,” that was soliciting for contributions.

A man wearing a short wig and black skirt was seen trespassing by a store employee who told police this wasn’t the first time.

Someone’s slumber was disturbed by a man was heard yelling and punching walls.

Neighbors heard a woman yelling at a man to take his hands of her and she also called police to report her boyfriend allegedly choked her to the point that she almost lost consciousness, but denied medical help.

A dark gray Nissan truck was reported stolen.

Someone told police there was a group of people that supposedly included “well known” methamphetamine users” who rented a room for seven days and were allegedly selling drugs out of the ground floor window. Police told three men they were not to return to the property.

Casino employees noticed a man left two duffle bags in the morning, but hadn’t returned since. No one was comfortable touching the bags because they were concerned there may be drugs or paraphernalia since the man was purportedly a known drug user.

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