No love lost between feuding couple

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A man and woman, who at first appeared to be hugging each other, allegedly started getting physically violent when they were seen head-butting and kicking each other and the woman was punching the man in the gut, according to the Kalispell Police Department. The “hug” may have been an attempt of one person to keep the other from getting away.

A man who reportedly drove by a truck that was parked the wrong way, had its hood up and all of the doors open, was chased by a man in his late 40s who wielded and swung a 2- to 3-foot long red pole at him.

Someone reported a man allegedly wearing a blue dress with combat boots was going door to door asking for money and headed toward Sylvan Drive. They were counseled about knocking on doors.

A call came in from a resident suspicious of a woman wearing a denim dress and a wig who reportedly asked them for money, cigarettes and a ride before heading out.

A woman’s father who purportedly abandoned her for a year reportedly decided to just show up one day and banged on her door for 30 minutes and she didn’t know why he was upset.

A woman called police because the neighbors were “just being loud,” and stomping on the floor. Police contacted the man, who said he would turn down his TV.

Someone reported their rear license plate was missing and wasn’t sure if it was stolen or fell off.

A woman reportedly received phone calls “she thought were weird,” where someone inquired about room availability, yet didn’t have a credit card to book it and requested extra patrol under the impression they may be “scoping the place out.”

Someone followed a truck that was allegedly “hot-rodding” up and down a street and almost hit their child. The person reportedly said the truck parked on Great View Drive.

Someone spotted a vehicle “missing most of its back bumper” with “lots of damage to the driver’s side,” heading eastbound on East Washington Street and thought it may have been speeding away from an accident.

Two men were seen running away from an Airport Road business after an employee allegedly pepper-sprayed them.

A man called police because they reportedly didn’t feel safe and heard noises like someone was “hanging outside his door.”

A woman trying to push another woman off a property escalated into a physical fight. Law enforcement requested medical assistance for minor injuries and someone may have been taken to jail. There may have been a temporary restraining order involved.

A man purportedly believed he stepped in acid and told police “all the skin had been melted off his foot and leg,” and that it happened before, paralyzing one of his legs, however, he couldn’t say where he would have stepped in the substance or sounded in pain. He was dropped off at the emergency room so he could check himself in.

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