Hey everyone, the Whitefish man’s all right

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Whitefish Police Department received at least three calls about a man wearing a hoodie who was reportedly just trying to make his way to town. The fellow apparently had such a puzzled look that people interpreted it as a need to check on his welfare.

A passerby on Monegan Road was of the opinion the man was acting drunk or high and was concerned he might fall into the ditch. Police contacted the man, who said he was OK. A second call came in from someone on Voerman Road claiming they “had to swerve” to avoid hitting the man and felt he was going to get hit by a car as there was nowhere else for him to walk, considering the ditches. Once again, the man was said to be OK and was headed into town. A third call came in on Creekwood Drive by someone who said this same guy looked “bewildered,” like something was just “off.” This caller alleged he was walking in the middle of the road. Dispatchers let the caller know officers had already contacted the man, who was still OK, still trying to stay out of the road as much as possible and still headed to town.

A Sperry Court resident thought a group of 20- to 21-year-olds in a gated hot tub area with a door propped open might be trespassing because there were purportedly ongoing issues with trespassers. The property owner reportedly told the resident the “kids” had permission to be at there.

Someone on Waverly Place heard a man reportedly yelling and screaming “you are [expletive] going to get hurt,” to someone on the phone. Police made contact with a man who said he just having an argument over the phone.

Someone on Skyles Place reported their ex was allegedly threatening them and causing a verbal disturbance over personal property.

A woman on Kalispell Avenue found a blob of paint sprayed onto her car. She was reportedly able to remove the paint except for some small specks.

Someone on Flathead Avenue called to let police to let them know “they may use her driveway whenever they want.

Someone on Hospital Way spotted teens walking away with a sign that had been taken down while crews worked on the road. Police made contact with three teens, who allegedly admitted they attempted to take the sign, however, were unable to transport it and showed officers where the sign was originally located. The boys returned the sign and were counseled on their behavior.

A dog was seen chewing on a fawn on Skyles Place.

Kalispell Police Department received a report that a woman was reportedly caught on video stealing sunglasses. Maybe she needed protection from the glare of her “skin-colored” leggings.

The liveliness of a group of more than 15 people sitting on a lawn between two businesses on Hutton Ranch Road apparently triggered a store “patron’s” sensibilities when they called to report the group was purportedly getting “rowdy and yelling,” and wanted the subjects “check on.” The group dispersed.

A 2-year-old locked herself inside of a vehicle after she was buckled into her car seat. Police unlocked the vehicle and the child was OK.

A couple of children playing with a phone called 911 and hung up. When dispatchers called back a child answered “hello,” and giggling was heard while another child yelled “dad, I called 911.” Dad may have called back to report there was no emergency just kids playing with the phone.

A possible drug-deal-gone-bad between four men was reported by someone who allegedly heard one man say “where is my money,” and the group proceeded to go outside and start beating each other.

A woman allegedly went through her vehicle to find a .22 missing after she came out of a pawn shop and noticed her truck was “messed with a little bit.”

A neighborhood resident reportedly heard crashing noises and said a donation bin had been “cleaned out” with all the items on the ground and suspected a man was sleeping inside it, but it was too dark to see. Police advised a man to move along.

Fraudulent fundraising was reported by someone on Nucleus Avenue. Columbia Falls Police Department gave them a state fraud hotline number to call.

A youth was reported back on school property and was allegedly being “defiant with everyone” after reportedly running away on 12th Avenue West.

A car was seen driving up and down A Street where the driver was reportedly yelling at someone’s wife. No one wanted to file a report, but someone “just wanted people to slow down,” and requested police talk to the man and provide extra patrol.

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