‘Dime-store cowboy’ raises suspicions

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Kalispell Police Department responded to a report that a “dime-store cowboy” and a tall, skinny man walked up to a vehicle and passed something through the window, raising someone’s suspicions.

A woman told police a man wearing a cowboy hat allegedly hit and stabbed her brother in the stomach after he confronted him, then headed onto 12th Street West. The woman reportedly said she had called her brother earlier because she was scared the man was following her.

A motel employee followed a man who had supposedly stolen a cat carrier, which may have been recovered later.

Someone requested police check on the welfare of a red-faced man reportedly seen lying in an alley on Fourth Avenue West North and was struggling to sit up.

Someone came home to reportedly find their apartment door open after it had been left closed and locked. The case became more curious as the residence was cleared by the police, who couldn’t find signs of forced entry.

A parent wanted to know if there were any community events he could take his daughter to so she could interact with officers and learn that they are there to help, serve and protect.

A call came in from a man on U.S. 93 in Kalispell who reportedly located the stolen vehicle he bought from a purported “crack head.” The vehicle was in a driveway next to a camper after it was seen in Martin City. The owner told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office the car had been wrecked and wouldn’t start. The man chose not to have it towed, and instead cleared out all of his belongings, removed the license plates, and slashed the tires “he just bought.”

A patient on Hospital Way in Whitefish allegedly pulled the fire alarm although there was no fire. Law enforcement may have also received a panic alarm from the emergency room.

A woman on Shady Lane said her intoxicated ex reportedly was physical with her and broke her phone. She alluded to him “not being the same” after a past traumatic experience.

Someone on Evergreen Drive in Kalispell reported their vehicle was keyed and wanted an officer to look at the damage.

A Fifth Street resident in Hungry Horse claimed there were squatters living on property that borders his. While he was not the owner — just a concerned citizen — he alleged there was a verbal agreement with the squatters and law enforcement, that once the snow melted they would leave. The busybody called again because he hadn’t received a call from a deputy. He was told the property owner needs to report them for trespassing.

A Mission Drive resident in Kalispell told deputies she saw a 15-year-old boy running away from her house and requested extra patrol after noting an old iPod was stolen from their vehicle a few weeks ago.

A Lakeside mother who purportedly “just gets out of control” was allegedly seen beating a 12-year-old girl with a board.

A cautious Kalispell father wanted to check that a person his son was doing work for wasn’t a registered sex offender, and was provided with a website where he could look up that information.

A disconcerted Kalispell mother told deputies a boy threatened to beat her daughter to death on Snap Chat. The woman wished to handle the issue parent-to-parent, however, when she allegedly called the boy and told him to put his mother on the phone he refused. The two mothers were eventually put in touch with each other.

A Columbia Falls parent requested law enforcement assistance with their 10-year-old who allegedly had threatened his brother with a knife, slashed truck seats with a knife and lit the yard on fire with lighter fluid.

A Kalispell parent requested help after locking their 12-year-old outside when he allegedly choked a sibling and pushed and hit them.

A woman on Majestic View Lane in Kalispell was moving her belongings out when her father allegedly threatened to kill her, her rabbit and her son. Deputies spoke with both parties. The woman reportedly “felt her father was being rude and not allowing her to remove her property,” adding that her father said he was making sure she wasn’t removing any of his property along with it. She gathered her items and “left for the day.”

A baffled 80-year-old on U.S. 93 in Lakeside told officers he received threatening phone calls from an unknown man alleging he was calling the man’s girlfriend.

A man was seen going back and forth across railroad tracks by employees on Second Street in Whitefish. The man said he was just hanging out.

A Whalebone Drive resident believed his phone was being tapped and claimed to know the people responsible.

A Columbia Falls woman said her intoxicated ex reportedly did a broadie in her driveway on Shadow Wood Drive in Columbia Falls, kicking up rocks and spraying mud onto her house.

Things weren’t so united on Cooperative Way in Kalispell when a resident wanted a woman removed from the house after she allegedly punched a wall and was said to have been coming down from drugs.

Columbia Falls Police Department responded to a call on 13th Street that equipment sheds had been broken into at a softball complex.

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