Woman found drinking and driving — inside a store

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A woman, possibly in her 50s, purportedly made herself quite comfortable in a Ninth Street store when she was spotted using a motorized cart and drinking. A manager told Columbia Falls Police Department they did not wish to pursue the wine theft.

Two men were allegedly smoking methamphetamine on Ninth Street.

A woman on Hidden Cedar Loop reported someone squatting near the river and reportedly went to a campsite to find all her belongings behind a neighbor’s house.

Apparently, a “no parking from here to corner,” sign applies to bicycles when a man reported a silver Schwinn put up against it and assumed it was stolen and abandoned. Kalispell Police Department picked it up.

A frustrated Fairview Drive resident called police to report a white pickup truck that allegedly parks in front of a fire hydrant “more often” after she approached the owner about it and they “blew her off.” The impudent person’s vehicle was ticketed for a fire hydrant parking violation.

An employee requested extra patrol at a Center Street business entrance because a horde of teenagers was hanging around, being disruptive and wouldn’t leave when asked. Officers counseled the children.

A couch-crashing woman got drunk and punched her host four to six times in addition to throwing and breaking his vape pipe. Parties were separated and he reportedly did not wish to pursue charges, but had his mother pick him up until she sobered up.

Someone heard banging, screaming, a woman yelling “stop hurting me,” and for a man to get off of her from upstairs in a building. Police contacted the occupants, who supposedly had no idea why law enforcement was there, that nothing was going on, there was no arguing and nothing physical. While police did not observe any injuries, the person calling in the report said there was something definitely occurring, it happens weekly and was fearful the man would retaliate for calling it in.

A dog on Trump Drive has allegedly barked for three days and was still barking when officers stopped by the residence, but no one was home.

A drive-thru employee called to report a nearby panhandler was allegedly yelling obscenities and making rude hand gestures at them. While the panhandler wasn’t trespassing because he was on a sidewalk, he was moved along and warned about the panhandling ordinance.

A passerby was suspicious of a truck that reportedly stopped in the middle of the road with two people in the front seat and a woman in the back seat screaming, “Let me go, you’re assaulting me,” before speeding off, heading eastbound on Fifth Street West.

A father’s estranged son allegedly showed up to his residence for the first time in five years. Things became problematic when he supposedly gave advice the son was not receptive to and he punched the father’s vehicle multiple times to the point the door would not open. He did not wish to pursue criminal charges and was advised to call 911 if he returned.

A casino employee requested an officer walk through the business because there were “a lot of sketchy people inside the bar.” Plates were reportedly seized from a red SUV.

An intoxicated emergency room patient was probably still reeling from an assault when he threatened to “go kill the people who beat him up,” off Farm to Market Road.

A man wanted to file a report about an eBay account being hacked. Officers told him to report it with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov.

Two RV batteries, valued at $125 each, were reported stolen.

Three employees reportedly got involved in a physical altercation on U.S. 93.

Someone told police they saw a Facebook post of a chain saw listed for sale that was reportedly stolen from a U.S. 93 business.

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a report from a man on Shady Lane in Kalispell who was allegedly in a private chatroom with a person he thought was a 22-year-old woman and the person was trying to extort money from him.

A Maple Drive resident in Kalispell heard a man yelling for help, but was unsure of where it was coming from. Apparently, there were men across the street trying to work on a car in the dark.

Two people were trying to get into someone’s vehicle on Evergreen Drive.

An Ezy Drive resident reported two cars racing each other around the Helena Flats Road area.

Someone on Copperwood Court who saw officers with guns drawn felt uncomfortable with the situation and wanted a phone call from Whitefish Police Department for more information.

A person called to report what sounded like an intoxicated man who was lying face down on the dock. They didn’t know if he was breathing and didn’t want to be the person to check. Then, the man got up and staggered away.

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