Man in serious need of vitamin D

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A man was seen sprawled out on a snowbank along the highway, according to Kalispell Police Department logs. The caller didn’t know if there was something wrong with the man or if he was just soaking up some afternoon sunshine.

Another man seen lying on a snowbank was just cooling down — literally and figuratively — after an argument with his girlfriend.

A small baggy of “nastiness” found in a grocery store parking lot was collected for destruction. The caller was concerned it was drugs.

Police responded to a report of a man detoxing from drugs. The man was screaming and beating on the walls of a home. He was told to call his mom.

A woman was arrested after allegedly shoplifting from the garden section of a box store. Her alleged accomplice got away on foot. He is described as being scruffy with gauge earrings.

A woman called police when her son showed up at the house and starting pounding on the front door. The son was upset that she wouldn’t let him inside or get him a motel room.

A caller complained about a neighbor plowing snow past 11 p.m. This was an ongoing dispute. The plow driver was counseled and the caller thanked police “for doing an awesome job.”

A suspicious man was seen walking with two bicycles in the middle of the road.

A caller was concerned when she hadn’t heard from her fiance all day and calls were going straight to voicemail. It turned out her future husband was just fine, but had gotten stuck behind the avalanche closure on I-90 near Lookout Pass.

A recently dumped boyfriend dumped all of his ex’s belongings, including her cellphone, in the trash.

The driver of a Lexus slid through an intersection and “barely nicked” a cement mixer.

The south end of Jensen Road was drifted over. The caller was advised that most roads are bad and plows are doing their best to keep up, according to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

A landlord told police he was going to shut off the electricity of a tenant who hadn’t paid up. The landlord was advised of the proper civil process.

About $150 in tools were reported stolen on Haywire Gulch.

A scruffy looking man reportedly grabbed a drill from a box store and took off running out the door. He reportedly hopped into a Grand Am with a spoiler and headed toward the bypass. The drill box was later found in the middle of the road.

Baseball bat-wielding subjects destroyed a mailbox on Marco Bay Loop for the third time.

A sibling dispute got out of control while mom was at work. The sister was advised on how to handle an argument with her brother, while the brother was counseled to “be the bigger person and walk away.” Mom also was counseled.

A maintenance man sent to a property by a landlord was threatened by the tenant. The tenant told the man to “get the F off my land. People get shot for doing that.” The tenant is known to be aggressive.

A man fishing with his children was seen yelling expletives at the kids. The caller said the man was upset about one of the kids falling into a hole.

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