Inability to eat tacos results in teens on the street

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Kalispell Police Department received a report that a man, who was purportedly intoxicated, allegedly cast out his 18-year-old niece and 17-year-old son because he was angry the young woman wasn’t able to eat tacos due to her braces. She told police she had some money and would try to walk to another motel to get a room.

Someone spotted two hoodie-clad hooligans in a vehicle with a loud muffler driving recklessly and running over a “child playing” sign.

Police responded to a possible DUI when someone saw a man pull up to a business in a pickup then reportedly peed in the parking lot, fell over, got back in the vehicle and pulled out, cutting off traffic.

A man wanted to talk to police about what could be done about his neighbors who allegedly kept stealing cigarettes from his front porch.

A woman wanted police to retrieve a bolt cutter she found in her hedge thinking it was suspicious because she thought it’s a tool used for break-ins.

Someone called police to report two bikers were allegedly following their vehicle after claiming to have legally passed them in Evergreen. The bikers were said to have been flipping the driver off and “pulling finger guns.” Montana Highway Patrol responded and counseled the parties.

Someone wanted assistance with his or her ex-brother-in-law who reportedly kept coming over to their residence and banging on the door, scaring a woman in the downstairs apartment.

A man and woman were heard screaming at each other by neighbors. The woman purportedly threatened to kill the man.

An iPad and a bottle of Oxycodone were reported stolen from a bag a woman had left outside.

A woman’s vehicle was reported stolen with her phone inside.

Someone said there were a bunch of people on a back porch drinking and said they didn’t live there and that this was a frequent occurrence. Apparently, three people were sitting on the porch, all lived at the residence, and no one was seen drinking.

Extra patrol was requested after construction trailers were reported broken into and items stolen. The incident was believed to have been caught on video.

A woman was afraid to return to her home because she believed people were stalking and taking pictures of her.

A man, who apparently needed some grooming tips, was believed to be casing another man’s residence who was in the process of moving. The resident was suspicious of the man he described as frumpy with a potbelly and 5 o’clock shadow after he supposedly showed up in a flatbed truck that had a welding machine and enclosed utility trailer.

A man had follow-up questions for officers after he was allegedly locked out of his room and his dog reported abandoned and taken to the shelter.

A woman requested assistance when getting belongings from a residence where she supposedly was being harassed after being served an “illegal” eviction notice.

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