Shirtless cowboy in the street

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Someone reported to the Kalispell Police Department a shirtless man wearing a cowboy hat dancing in the street. The man was counseled about his street dancing.

A person reported homeless people camped in the parking lot and one had a St. Bernard tied to the back of a pickup truck. The caller said the woman allowed the dog to defecate in the parking lot and the person thought it was a health hazard.

A caller who honked the car horn at two jaywalkers said the woman walked up to the vehicle and struck it. An officer spoke to the two people about their behavior.

A person who had a tomahawk stolen found it at a pawn shop.

Someone reported having $80, a debit card and a company credit card stolen from an unlocked pickup truck while he was at work.

A man who violated his parole ended up in the county jail after he was found lying on the ground in the parking lot of an area business. He was breathing, but didn’t wake up until police arrived.

A caller reported someone broke into her garage and stole some old windows, old wood spools, skylights and paint.

Someone reported a person used a hammer to break a window in a truck and stole an AR-15 rifle.

A carnival worker reported that a man he used to know attacked him, leaving him with a bloody eye and left arm.

A caller reported that a driver threw cigarette butts out the window of his vehicle. When the caller pulled along the man to tell him to stop, the man made an obscene gesture.

A person reported a 6-year-old child in an unlocked Nissan Altima outside a casino. The child told the person he had been there for an hour and he usually waits outside while his mother and father are inside. An officer reported that the parents eventually returned to the vehicle.

A caller reported her camper was broken into while she was in jail.

Someone reporte finding white plastic BBs in her driveway. She was concerned that her neighbor’s son may have been trying to shoot her cat. When she spoke to the boy’s mother, the woman said she didn’t think her kid did it and said there was no proof.

A caller reported seeing choke cherry branches broken in the park and thought it might be a bear that did it.

A person reported that someone threw an egg at his window. There was no damage.

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