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Business Budget for Thursday, January 9, 2020


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^Ethan Brown went vegan, but missed fast food. So he started a revolution<


Stone returned to Kleiner Perkins with a ringing endorsement and a question: Can I get in on this too? That startup was Beyond Meat, whose initial public offering rocked Wall Street last year, revving up an astounding cultural shift that has put bean-based burgers on the menu at fast-food outlets better known for their industrial-grade meat and fries.

4000 by Laurence Darmiento. MOVED


^Airbnb and similar sites hide fees from customers. People are mad about it<


Now, lawmakers and consumer groups are pressuring Airbnb, Vrbo and other short-term rental platforms _ as well as conventional hotels _ to include all mandatory charges such as cleaning and service fees into the advertised nightly rate so that prospective customers can accurately compare prices.

1450 by Hugo Mart n. MOVED


^10 points about the farm economy from Land O'Lakes CEO<

FARM-ECONOMY:MS _ Beth Ford, the CEO of Land O'Lakes, spoke at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis on Thursday, giving the keynote address at the 2020 Regional Economic Conditions Conference

She made a wide-ranging speech, spoke briefly with Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, and took questions from the audience. Here are 10 points the ag leader made about the ag economy at the start of 2020.

1200 by Adam Belz in Minneapolis. MOVED



^Opioid overdoses followed auto plant closures, study says<

AUTO-PLANT-CLOSURES-OPIOIDS:DY _ Opioid overdoses deaths spiked across the U.S. where automotive plants closed, a new study found.

The study published in JAMA Internal Medicine highlights the role declining economic opportunity in the U.S. and cities like Dayton had on the opioid overdose crisis.

"When people lose their job, you see increase amounts of anxiety and depression. They are not only disorders that affect the mind, they are physical disorders that affect the body and make your body ache and makes your body physically tired," said Jodi Long, associate director for Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services.

550 by Kaitlin Schroeder in Dayton, Ohio. MOVED


^Hundreds of GM temp workers were just made permanent<


Union documents show that at Flint, where GM builds its heavy-duty pickups, 255 temps became permanent. At Lansing Delta Township, where GM builds its midsize SUVS, it hired 103 temps. At GM's smaller plants such as Bedford Casting Operations in Indiana, 17 temps are now permanent.

1200 by Jamie L. Lareau in Detroit. MOVED


^Boeing faces $5 billion tab on 737 Max simulator training<

BOEING-SIMULATOR-COST:BLO _ Boeing Co.'s costs would rise an estimated $5 billion if pilots need to get simulator training before flying the 737 Max, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

That would nearly double the $5.6 billion that Boeing had committed to cover costs from last year's grounding of the jetliner. The manufacturer will be expected to reimburse airline expenses for simulator training because it sold the plane on the basis that pilots certified for the previous 737 variant would need minimal additional training, analyst George Ferguson said in a note Thursday.

350 by Mary Schlangenstein in Dallas. MOVED


^Navistar to pay truck owners and lessees $135 million to settle class action lawsuit over engine emissions defect<


The settlement, pending final court approval, ends a lengthy court battle for the Lisle-based manufacturer, which built thousands of 2011 to 2014 model year commercial trucks with an alleged emissions design flaw that resulted in breakdowns and engine damage.

400 by Robert Channick. MOVED


^'American Horror Story' and other FX shows will sharpen the edge for Hulu<

VID-HULU-FX:LA _ Streaming service Hulu adopts a new personality in March with the launch of a dedicated section for FX original programming.

Showcasing original shows curated by FX Networks Chairman John Landgraf and his team has been an understated yet key part of the Walt Disney Co.'s strategy for acquiring much of Rupert Murdoch's Fox entertainment empire.

With the $71.3 billion acquisition of the Fox TV and movie production studios last year came the FX channels _ known for its shows with a razor-sharp point of view _ as well as majority control of the Santa Monica-based Hulu. The 13-year-old streaming service has nearly 30 million subscribers.

700 by Meg James in Pasadena, Calif. (Moved as an entertainment story.) MOVED


^Gig law doesn't apply to independent truck drivers, California judge rules<


The state law, known as Assembly Bill 5, or AB 5, was intended to curb businesses' use of independent contractors by establishing a test that effectively makes it harder for companies to claim that workers are independent contractors instead of employees who are entitled to legal minimum-wage rates and benefits such as workers' compensation.

500 by James F. Peltz. MOVED


^Appeals court hears arguments over health care cost-sharing subsidies<

HEALTHCARE-COSTSHARING:CON _ A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit heard arguments Thursday over whether the government owes health insurance plans money through subsidies mandated under the 2010 health care law, which created so-called cost-sharing subsidies for insurers to reduce low-income consumers' out-of-pocket costs.

President Donald Trump halted the subsidies in 2017, prompting health care plans on the insurance exchanges across the country to increase their premium rates the following year. But Congress never appropriated specific funds for the subsidies, which the federal government argued ended the obligation of the Department of Health and Human Services to pay the plans.

600 by Lauren Clason in Washington. MOVED



^Moving for the school is still a thing in Chicagoland _ even if it means keeping two residences. Amenities may be king, but schools still rate in real estate<


1150 by Darcel Rockett. MOVED


^The rise of the renter: For the first time in decades, Seattle has as many renters as homeowners<

REAL-RENTERS-SEATTLE:SE _ For decades, Seattle has been primarily a city of homeowners, but those days may be coming to an end. It's one of the many ways that the city's current population boom has been transformative.

According to census data, a record 360,000 Seattle residents lived in rental units in 2018 _ a 16% jump from just five years earlier. And with their surging numbers, renters pulled just about even with homeowners, whose numbers increased at half the rate for the same period.

1200 by Gene Balk in Seattle. MOVED


^LA to curb developer donations, but some fear corporate contributions could mask source of giving<

REAL-DEVELOPER-DONATIONS:LA _ Real estate developers pushing to get new projects approved at Los Angeles City Hall will be banned, under a new law, from giving campaign contributions to the council members vetting their projects.

But Los Angeles leaders have held off on another change that critics say is needed: Barring donors from giving through limited liability companies and other business entities that can make it difficult to tell who is donating.

950 by Emily Alpert Reyes in Los Angeles. MOVED

^Your smart-home devices could be easy to hack. Here's how to protect yourself.<


Maybe you're thrilled with your gift, or maybe you're a bit wary, given recent reports of cyberhacking of some devices. Internet-oriented devices can make life simpler, through voice-activated commands and remote operation, but they also can allow access to cyberhackers looking to steal your personal information.

900 by Marcia Heroux Pounds. MOVED



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^Real estate Q&A: Do I still have to pay a bill if it's more than I agreed?<


500 by Gary M. Singer. MOVED


^Michael Hiltzik: Ring says it protects your home, but users say it exposed them to cyberattacks<


The Santa Monica, Calif., firm, which sells internet-enabled video doorbells and home security cameras and was acquired by Amazon in 2018 for a reported $1 billion, has come under fire from legislators, security experts and customers for what the critics say are its own suspect security procedures.

1750 by Michael Hiltzik. MOVED



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