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^Corey Lewandowski clashes with Democrats at House impeachment hearing<

CONGRESS-LEWANDOWSKI-1ST-LEDE:LA _ The push by some Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump has been marked by false starts, semantic debates and legal roadblocks. Not surprisingly, perhaps, the first House Judiciary Committee hearing in the hotly contested process featured much of the same Tuesday.

The only witness, Trump's first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, stonewalled. Democrats insulted him and he insulted them back. Republicans unsuccessfully tried to end the hearing early, calling it a sham. The back-and-forth was cantankerous, colorful and mostly unproductive.

900 (with trims) by Chris Megerian in Washington. MOVED


^Trump, in California, says cities 'destroy themselves' with homelessness<

TRUMP-CALIF-2ND-LEDE:LA _ President Donald Trump arrived in California late Tuesday morning amid growing questions over his administration's plans to get involved in the state's homelessness crisis.

After a visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, the president landed at Los Angeles International Airport at roughly 4:15 p.m. PDT. Trump is in the state for a two-day visit, with stops for fundraising in Palo Alto, Beverly Hills and San Diego.

1400 by Benjamin Oreskes, Susanne Rust, Colleen Shalby and Jaclyn Cosgrove in Palo Alto, Calif. MOVED


^Trump plans to revoke rule that allows Calif. to set stricter auto pollution standards; state officials vow to fight<

AUTO-EMISSIONS-CALIF-1ST-LEDE:LA _ President Donald Trump is expected Wednesday to revoke a decades-old rule that empowers California to set tougher car emissions standards than those required by the federal government _ putting the state and the administration on a path to years of fighting in court.

The move would overturn the foundation for California's role as an environmental leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

1150 by Anna M. Phillips in Washington. MOVED


^Early ballot count shows Israel's Netanyahu faltering in closely fought race<

ISRAEL-ELECTION-2ND-LEDE:LA _ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, fighting for his political life, appeared early Wednesday to falter in his quest for a new term in office, with exit polls and early ballot-counting giving an edge to his main rival, former military chief Benny Gantz. But the race was too close to call.

After a bruising and divisive campaign, early tallies echoed exit polls in indicating a slim advantage for Gantz, whose centrist Blue and White party appeared to have won one or two more parliamentary seats than Netanyahu's Likud.

Counting votes is a laborious process in Israel. The final count is unlikely to be certified for several days.

1200 (with trims) by Noga Tarnopolsky in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Laura King in Washington. MOVED


^Johnson will obey court ruling on suspension of Parliament, lawyer says<

BRITAIN:DPA _ Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson will obey any ruling that his suspension of Parliament is unlawful, a lawyer for the government said on Tuesday, on the first day of a hearing by Britain's highest court.

The Supreme Court began hearing legal challenges to Johnson's suspension of Parliament until Oct. 14, amid accusations that he aimed to limit scrutiny ahead of his deadline for Britain to leave the European Union, with or without an exit deal, on Oct. 31.

500 by Bill Smith in London. MOVED



^Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren's NYC crowd: 'Anybody could do that'<

TRUMP:CON _ President Donald Trump, who often touts the size of crowds at his events and knocks those of his foes, on Tuesday dismissed an audience Sen. Elizabeth Warren drew the night before in New York City.

Warren spoke in front of the iconic arch in the Big Apple's Washington Square Park before an audience numbering in the "thousands," according to estimates from local media outlets. But the president, who sent his first press secretary, Sean Spicer, out on his first full day on the job to make false statements about the size of Trump's inauguration audience, contended he was not impressed with Warren's crowd.

600 by John T. Bennett in Washington. MOVED


^Pentagon readying a public show of evidence in Saudi attacks<

USSAUDI-IRAN:BLO _ The Pentagon is preparing a report on who was responsible for the weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities and intends to make it public within 48 hours, a U.S. defense official said.

The official couldn't confirm or deny a CBS News report that the U.S. has identified locations in southern Iran from which it believes more than 20 drones and cruise missiles were launched.

250 by Tony Capaccio in Washington. MOVED


^Senate Democrats prepare marathon floor session on gun violence<

SENATE-DEMOCRATS-GUNS:CON _ Nearly two dozen Senate Democrats plan to make it a late night on Tuesday, speaking out on the Senate floor about the impact of gun violence and legislative proposals Congress could explore.

The speeches are expected to begin around 5:30 p.m. and run late. Connecticut Democrat Christopher S. Murphy is leading the effort, spurred by mass shootings in Texas and Ohio during the August recess and the lack of clear response from the White House on what, if any, gun control measures they could agree to.

550 by Katherine Tully-McManus in Washington. MOVED


^Trump administration asks top court to curb CFPB's independence<

TRUMP-CONSUMERAGENCY-POWER:BLO _ The Trump administration urged the U.S. Supreme Court to give the president more control over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the agency that regulates mortgages and credit cards.

Asking the court to take up a pending appeal, administration lawyers said the Constitution requires that the president be allowed to fire the agency's director for any reason. The 2010 law that set up the CFPB says the director can be removed only for "inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office."

The administration's position increases the chances the court will take up the issue in the nine-month term that starts in October. A ruling would come by June, only months before the 2020 presidential election.

400 by Greg Stohr in Washington. MOVED


^Senate chairman worried 'Real ID' will shock air travelers<

CONGRESS-REAL-ID:CON _ A post-9/11 law designed to keep people from using fake IDs to board airplanes is one year away from taking effect, but the chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee worries that it's destined to create "Y2K-type disruption" at the nation's airports in October 2020.

750 by Jessica Wehrman in Washington. MOVED


^Swedish teen Greta Thunberg joins senators, advocates seeking climate action<

ENV-CLIMATE-ACTIVISTS:CON _ Ahead of a global strike for climate action, Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg joined fellow young advocates and Senate Democrats to draw attention to the peril of global warming.

Although she did not speak at a Tuesday news conference organized by Sen. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., and other Democrats, a representative for Thunberg said the 16-year-old was there to lend her support. She has, however, planned a blitz of activity around Capitol this week that will culminate in the global climate strike.

650 by Elvina Nawaguna in Washington. MOVED


^Holocaust survivors urge Congress to let them sue European insurance companies<

HOLOCAUST-SURVIVORS-COMPENSATION:WA _ The president of the Holocaust Survivors of Miami-Dade County wants to allow survivors and their families to use the courts to get payouts from European insurance companies for policies that were upended by Nazi Germany.

And after years of advocacy from South Florida lawmakers, David Mermelstein might have the White House on his side.

1000 by Alex Daugherty and Michael Wilner in Washington. MOVED

^Rep. Haaland recalls struggles as single mom, Thanksgiving and being homeless<

CONGRESS-HAALAND:CON _ Americans typically celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering with friends and family to cook and eat bountiful feasts. We tend to think of it as a day of abundance and sometimes overindulgence.

But Deb Haaland, a freshman Democrat from New Mexico and one of the first Native American women elected to Congress, recalls one year when her experience was far from typical or joyful.

750 by Clyde McGrady in Washington.


^Biden touts political longevity in bid for union support at Philly event: 'You all know me'<

BIDEN:PH _ Former Vice President Joe Biden leaned hard into his long history of support for and from organized labor Tuesday, telling hundreds of union members in Philadelphia he has never let them down.

"The bad news is I've been around a long time," Biden said at a Democratic presidential forum at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. "The good news is I've been around a long time. You all know me."

650 by Chris Brennan and Julia Terruso in Philadelphia. MOVED


^A bobble on vaccines tarnished Gavin Newsom's first legislative year, experts say<

CALIF-NEWSOM-VACCINES:SA _ A measure to regulate vaccine exemptions had just passed the state Assembly when Gov. Gavin Newsom threw lawmakers a curveball.

The bill needed more changes, his office said in a tweet, "so medical providers, parents and public health officials can be certain of the rules of the road once the bill becomes law."

The problem? Newsom had previously said he would sign the bill, and it was too late to amend it without a separate piece of legislation.

Newsom's wavering, especially on such a tense topic, will be remembered in the state Capitol as his first year crafting bills with lawmakers comes to a close.

1050 by Sophia Bollag in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED


^California Republican Rep. Paul Cook to retire from Congress<

CONGRESS-COOK:LA _ Rep. Paul Cook, R-Calif., will retire from Congress at the end of his term and will announce a run for a seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, according to John Sobel, the congressman's chief of staff.

California's Republican U.S. House delegation has been greatly diminished in recent years. In the 2018 midterms, Democrats took control of half of the 14 remaining Republican seats in California, which has a total of 53 congressional districts.

350 by Christine Mai-Duc in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Rep. Chabot gets new campaign treasurer amid probe into missing money<

CONGRESS-CHABOT:CON _ Ohio GOP Rep. Steve Chabot's campaign has hired a new treasurer after revealing earlier this month that federal investigators launched a probe into missing campaign funds totaling more than $123,000.

Natalie Baur, who has been the finance director and treasurer for Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman's campaign since 2009, is listed as Chabot's new campaign treasurer on a Federal Election Commission document filed Monday.

650 by Griffin Connolly in Washington. MOVED


^Trump fans can't sue city of San Jose as a group over violence at rally<

TRUMP-BACKERS-SUIT:BLO _ Donald Trump fans who accuse police of not protecting them at a 2016 presidential campaign rally that turned violent failed to convince a judge that they should be able to sue on behalf of thousands who attended the event.

The 20 rally-goers brought civil rights claims against San Jose, Calif., and a handful of police officers saying that everyone at the event was put in danger and should be part of the lawsuit. On Tuesday, a federal judge rejected the request.

Conservative lawyer, Republican Party officer and Fox News contributor Harmeet Dhillon also asked the judge to allow a smaller group _ people who were injured by protesters _ to be allowed to sue as a group. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh rejected that request too.

300 by Peter Blumberg and Robert Burnson in San Francisco. MOVED



^New political maps pass NC legislature, will be reviewed by judges who ordered redraw<

NCAROLINA-REDISTRICTING:RA. _ North Carolina's new political maps gained final approval from the N.C. House and Senate on Tuesday. Nearly all Republicans supported them, and Democrats were split.

The maps can't be vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper _ the state constitution specifically forbids it _ but they aren't necessarily the final word. A panel of judges still gets to weigh in on the maps, which will happen over the coming days, and could potentially order them redrawn yet again.

850 (with trims) by Will Doran in Raleigh, N.C. MOVED


^Cokie Roberts, longtime journalist and ABC News commentator, dies at 75<

ROBERTS-OBIT-1ST-LEDE:NY _ Cokie Roberts, the pioneering journalist whose storied career included high-profile stints with NPR and ABC News, died Tuesday from complications of breast cancer, her family announced. She was 75.

Three-time Emmy winner Roberts, a member of the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, launched her career as a freelance foreign correspondent for CBS Radio in the 1970s before joining National Public Radio in 1978. After moving to ABC, she co-hosted "This Week" with Sam Donaldson from 1996-2002, and served as a political commentator, chief congressional analyst and commentator over the decades.

750 by David Boroff. MOVED


^Parents of UN students don't want them in photo op with Melania Trump<

UNSCHOOL-MELANIATRUMP:NY _ Parents and administrators at a United Nations school are seeking a diplomatic solution to a standoff over a controversial invitation to students to attend a Stock Exchange bell-ringing with first lady Melania Trump.

A notice went out Monday to parents of students at the United Nations International School asking children to join the first lady to tour the Stock Exchange and ring the opening bell next week.

There is only room for 10 students on the tour, but that was enough to rile some parents who said they're concerned the kids will be used as political props.

300 by Leonard Greene in New York. MOVED


^Trump immigration officials defend tent courts, saying they'll speed up asylum process<

IMMIGRATION-TENT-COURTS:LA _ The new immigration tent court in this border city feels more like a detention center: barbed wire chain-link fence, metal detectors, security cameras and uniformed guards.

Asylum cases can take years, but the tent courts that recently opened here and in Brownsville, Texas, were designed to reduce that to as little as 40 days, the average time it takes for migrants in detention, according to Acting Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan, who toured the tent with other Homeland Security officials Tuesday.

Critics say Homeland Security and the Justice Department, which oversee immigration courts, have illegally expedited asylum cases by turning the tents in Laredo and Brownsville into secret courts, restricting public access.

300 by Molly Hennessy-Fiske in Laredo, Texas. MOVED


^Prosecutors say 9-year-old was lured to his death by gang rivals of his father. Nearly four years later, two men are on trial for his execution-style killing<

CHICAGO-BOYKILLED:TB _ On a cloudy night in April 2017, Chicago police officers patrolling West Englewood noticed a group shooting a makeshift music video in a vacant lot in the South Side neighborhood.

Spotting the squad car, the group took off running, tossing five semi-automatic handguns along South Wolcott Avenue as they fled, according to a police report.

Officers recovered and inventoried the pistols, a familiar routine in a city flooded with thousands of illegal firearms.

Further analysis led to a surprising discovery: One of the guns, a Smith & Wesson .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol, had been used in the infamous slaying of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee about 1 1/2 years before and just 11 blocks away.

1400 (with trims) by Megan Crepeau in Chicago. MOVED


^Tropical depression forecast to become Hurricane Jerry this week<

WEA-HUMBERTO-2ND-LEDE:FL _ A tropical depression moving toward the Caribbean is forecast to become a tropical storm overnight and a hurricane by the end of the week, the National Hurricane Center said Tuesday. If it does become the next named storm, it will be Jerry.

The depression was about 1,000 miles east of the Caribbean and is forecast to travel generally toward the Bahamas, according to the hurricane center's Tuesday evening public advisory.

But the system is still distant and its exact path is far from certain.

650 by Brett Clarkson in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^Chinese mom charged with paying $400,000 to have son admitted to UCLA as fake soccer player<

CMP-ADMISSIONS-FRAUD-1ST-LEDE:LA _ A Chinese woman was arrested in Spain and charged with paying the mastermind of the college admissions scandal $400,000 to ensure her son was admitted to the University of California, Los Angeles as a phony soccer player, federal authorities in Boston said Tuesday.

Xiaoning Sui _ a Chinese national and resident of British Columbia _ was arrested by Spanish authorities Monday night, according to the U.S. attorney's office in Massachusetts, which is seeking Sui's extradition.

1000 by Matthew Ormseth in Los Angeles. MOVED


^US Navy says it's tracking UFOs<

NAVY-UFO:SD _ Strange flying objects captured on video by Navy fighter pilots off the coast of San Diego in 2004 and in Atlantic waters in 2015 were acknowledged by the Navy as "unidentified aerial phenomena" last week, the first time the service has acknowledged the objects are real.

The three videos, published by former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge's "To the Stars Academy," appear to show small, airborne craft flying and maneuvering at high speeds.

400 by Andrew Dyer in San Diego. MOVED


^Navy SEAL acquitted of war crimes files lawsuit against ex-lawyers and military legal nonprofit<

NAVY-SEAL:SD _ A San Diego-based Navy SEAL acquitted of murder in a closely watched war crimes trial this summer has filed a lawsuit against two of his former attorneys and a military legal defense nonprofit, according to a complaint filed in federal court in Texas on Friday.

In the complaint, Petty Officer 1st Class Edward R. Gallagher says his former attorneys, Colby Vokey and Phillip Stackhouse, along with the nonprofit United American Patriots, failed to defend his case properly.

800 by Andrew Dyer in San Diego. MOVED


^Most Florida school districts pass on arming teachers, state officials report<

FLA-TEACHERS-GUNS:FL _ Only 11 of Florida's 67 county school districts have given classroom teachers the option of carrying guns on campus this school year, according to the latest data collected by the Florida Department of Education.

Armed teachers have been shunned by the state's largest urban school districts, including Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Orange counties.

400 by Skyler Swisher in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^Judge won't increase bond for R. Kelly or give $100,000 back to woman who posted his bail<

RKELLY:TB _ A Cook County judge on Tuesday declined to increase the $1 million bond for singer R. Kelly on his pending sex abuse cases and also shot down an unusual bid by a woman who posted Kelly's bond in February who now wants her $100,000 back.

Prosecutors at the Leighton Criminal Court Building had not spelled out how much they wanted to increase Kelly's bond, but the move was largely symbolic in light of the new federal charges brought in July in Chicago and New York.

700 by Jason Meisner in Chicago. MOVED


^Young parents from Florida missing; son, 3, was found alone near burned vehicle with human remains<

BURNEDVEHICLE-REMAINS:OS _ Two young parents from Longwood are listed as missing in Buffalo, N.Y., after human remains were discovered in a burned vehicle and, hours later, the couple's 3-year-old son was found alone nearby, police said Tuesday.

Nicole Marie Mersed Plaud, 24, and Miguel Anthony Valentin-Colon, 31, and their friend Dhamyl Mirella Roman-Audiffred, 29, also from Central Florida, are missing, and the boy was placed with child protective services.

300 by Tiffini Theisen in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^Secret Service bids to buy jet skis for Trump family protection during Mar-a-Lago stays<

MARALAGO-SECRETSERVICE:PM _ The U.S. Secret Service wants two new jet skis to join the gun boats that already patrol the Intracoastal waterway when President Donald Trump and the first family visit Mar-a-Lago.

"The First Family is very active in water sports," the agency wrote in a memo posted by the agency on a government bid website. "Several family members and their guests participate in open water activities for which the USSS Special Agent Rescue Swimmers are responsible."

300 by Christine Stapleton in West Palm Beach, Fla. MOVED


^Autistic student dragged 250 feet, kicked twice by Fayette school employee, lawsuit says<

AUTISTIC-STUDENT-DRAGGED:LX. _ The parents of a Tates Creek Middle School student with autism filed a lawsuit against the Fayette County school officials, alleging that he sustained serious injuries in 2018 when he was dragged 250 feet down hallways, kicked twice by an employee and "unsafely" carried up 19 stairs.

The lawsuit filed Sept. 13 in Fayette Circuit Court in Lexington by Courtney Jo Grayson and Donnie Jack Grayson Jr. said the child, identified in the lawsuit only as "T.G.," was a special needs student, "relatively non-verbal" and "cognitively altered."

450 by Valarie Honeycutt Spears in Lexington, Ky. MOVED

^No internal review underway of what went wrong with Baltimore's Gun Trace Task Force<

BALTIMORE-POLICE-TASKFORCE:BZ _ More than two years after the indictments of the officers in its Gun Trace Task Force, the Baltimore Police Department still has not conducted an internal review about how the crooked officers went undetected for years, the city's police commissioner testified Tuesday.

In Annapolis, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told the Commission to Restore Trust in Policing that ? despite pledges from past commissioners to investigate ? his agency has done no internal review into how the corruption was allowed to fester for so long.

850 (with trims) by Luke Broadwater in Baltimore. MOVED


^Leana Wen, Planned Parenthood resolve dispute over severance, benefits<

PLANNEDPARENTHOOD-WEN:BZ _ Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore's former health commissioner, has resolved a dispute with Planned Parenthood over her severance and benefits, which she said the organization was withholding to get her to sign a burdensome confidentiality contract after she was fired less than a year as president and CEO.

Both Wen and Planned Parenthood issued statements Tuesday welcoming the separation agreement _ but neither addressed the confidentiality contract issue.

450 by Colin Campbell in Baltimore. MOVED


^Evidence in case involving accused synagogue shooter to be laid out in court<

SYNAGOGUE-SHOOTING:SD _ There's security camera footage, a 911 call, an alleged confession and an internet posting that police and prosecutors say point to John Timothy Earnest as the man who fatally shot one person and wounded three others at a Poway synagogue in April.

This evidence and more could be presented at a preliminary hearing in San Diego Superior Court on Thursday as prosecutors lay out their case against Earnest.

Presiding Judge Peter Deddeh will then decide whether he heard enough evidence to hold Earnest for trial.

550 by Pauline Repard in San Diego. MOVED


^North Carolina sheriff urged killing ex-deputy over racist recording, records allege<

NC-SHERIFF-MURDERPLOT:RA _ Granville County, N.C., Sheriff Brindell Wilkins was indicted Monday on two counts of felony obstruction of justice amid allegations he discussed killing a former deputy who had a recording of him using "racially insensitive language."

300 by Josh Shaffer in Oxford, N.C. MOVED


^E. coli outbreak linked to Minnesota State Fair animal birth exhibit<

MINN-FAIR-ECOLI:MS _ At least 11 visitors to this summer's Minnesota State Fair have suffered E. coli infections, and disease investigators have concluded that contact with animals in the popular Miracle of Birth Center is the leading culprit.

Six of the sickened individuals, who ranged in age from 2 to 43, were hospitalized, and one suffered hemolytic uremic syndrome, a severe complication that affects the blood and kidneys.

500 by Jeremy Olson in Minneapolis. MOVED


^Community leaders want high school to apologize after alleged racial slurs<

SANDIEGO-HIGHSCHOOL-SLURS:SD _ A group of San Diego community leaders on Monday called for San Clemente High in Orange County to apologize for racial slurs they say targeted Lincoln High students at a football game Friday night.

The Capistrano Unified School District and Lincoln High School said they each are conducting investigations of the allegations.

At the football game Friday night between Lincoln and San Clemente, young people and adults taunted Lincoln students, including cheerleaders, with racial slurs such as the "n-word," said San Diego NAACP President Clovis Honor .

Lincoln cheerleaders also reported that they were told that they should be on leashes, according to Lincoln High Head Coach David Dunn.

1250 by Kristen Taketa in San Diego. MOVED


^High school cheerleaders 'on probation' after posing with Trump banner, NC district says<


600 by Hayley Fowler. MOVED


^Study shows Central Florida is the most dangerous place to walk in the United States<

FLA-PEDESTRIANS-DANGER:OS _ A new study from Smart Growth America has found that between 2008 and 2017, drivers struck and killed 49,340 people who were walking on streets across the United States.

The study shows that 5,433 of those people died in the state of Florida, but an alarming 656 of those fatalities occurred in Central Florida.

That makes the Orlando, Sanford and Kissimmee metropolitan area the most dangerous place in the United States to walk, according to the report.

150 by Ricky Pinela in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^Emory investigates 2 new cases of faculty using racial slur in class<

CMP-EMORY-SLUR:AT _ Emory University is investigating two instances this month of faculty members using a term in their classes that's often used to disparage African Americans.

400 by Eric Stirgus in Atlanta. MOVED


^University of California to dump fossil fuels holdings in pension and endowment funds worth $83 billion<

CMP-UC-FOSSILFUELS:SD _ Top financial officials with the University of California announced Tuesday morning in an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times that the school system plans to undertake a major divestment from fossil fuels.

The stocks and bonds to be sold off are currently part of UC's $13.4 billion endowment and $70 billion pension fund.

400 by Joshua Emerson Smith in San Diego. MOVED



^Iranian supreme leader says no negotiations 'on any level' with US<

USIRAN:DPA _ Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that no negotiations would take place between Iran and the United States unless the United States "repents," amid a series of accusations flying between the two sides.

Ties between Washington and Tehran have deteriorated since the U.S. pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and major powers.

400 in Tehran, Iran. MOVED


^Iran shows Trump that it's too big to be crushed or marginalized<

USIRAN-ASSESS:BLO _ Earlier this year, President Donald Trump warned that "it's going to be a bad problem for Iran if something happens." Something big has happened with an attack on Saudi oil infrastructure, and yet the administration in Washington looks like the one with the problem.

After leading voices in the Trump administration laid the blame squarely on Iran, it isn't obvious how the U.S. can effectively retaliate against a country that is already under maximum economic sanctions. Iran is too big for the U.S. to invade even if there were appetite among U.S. voters for another Gulf war, and has demonstrated its ability to strike back hard should the U.S. decide to escalate.

1150 by Marc Champion and Zainab Fattah in London. MOVED


^At least 22 dead in Kabul suicide bombing claimed by Taliban<

AFGHAN-ATTACK:DPA _ At least 22 people, including six military personnel, were killed in a suicide bombing in the center of Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, the Ministry of Interior Affairs said Tuesday.

Nearly 40 others, including women and children, were wounded in the incident, the ministry said in a statement.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.

300 by Qiam Noori in Kabul, Afghanistan. MOVED


^Hong Kong won't concede to more protester demands, top adviser says<

HONGKONG:BLO _ Hong Kong's government doesn't see any benefit in conceding to more demands from protesters and the increasingly violent demonstrations are unlikely to stop anytime soon, according to a top adviser to leader Carrie Lam.

Radical demonstrators _ some of whom have lobbed petrol bombs at police and vandalized subway stations in recent weeks _ won't give up their struggle even if the government meets all of their demands, said Bernard Chan, convener of the city's Executive Council.

550 by Iain Marlow in Hong Kong. MOVED


^US to return ambassador to Belarus as Minsk seeks new friends<

USBELARUS:BLO _ The U.S. plans to return its ambassador to Belarus, ending a freeze in ties with the authoritarian former Soviet republic that had lasted for more than 11 years.

"We are happy to see that chapter closing, and we are closing it because of the concrete steps in the direction that you, Mr. President, had taken to improve this relationship," David Hale, undersecretary of state for political affairs, told Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting in Minsk.

250 by Aliaksandr Kudrytski in Minsk, Belarus. MOVED



^Hundreds of sea turtle nests lost after Hurricane Dorian <

ENV-DORIAN-SEATURTLES:OS _ Strong tropical winds and high tides associated with Hurricane Dorian unearthed hundreds of sea turtle nests on beaches along the Space Coast, officials said.

The massive storm brushed past the East Coast earlier this month and beach runs were halted until conservation teams could safely survey Dorian's impact on the marked nests.

The state accounts for 90% of the nation's sea turtle nests and many East Coast beaches are expecting record numbers this year.

400 by Lisa Maria Garza in Orlando, Fla. MOVED




NEWSBRIEFS:MCT _ Nation and world news briefs.



^Texas A&M researchers quietly bred sick dogs in hopes of finding human muscular dystrophy cure<

CMP-TEXAS-AM-DOGS-RESEARCH:DA _ A colony of golden retrievers and Labrador mixes lives in an unmarked building at Texas A&M. Few Aggies will ever see them, and many of the dogs will never know another home.

The building looks like a pristine dog pound, with aisles of bare metal kennels and slatted floors. The healthy dogs jump and bark loudly, pushing their cold, wet noses between the bars of their cages in sterile, white rooms. The sick dogs are quiet.

Their location is a secret. University officials say the strict confidentiality shields the dogs and their caretakers from overzealous activists.

But animal welfare groups say the dogs are the ones who need protection from the university.

The dogs live on campus because researchers at Texas A&M use them to study Duchenne muscular dystrophy _ a degenerative disease that's terminal for mostly young boys. University scientists are seeking a cure, or at least a meaningful treatment to lengthen lives.

2150 by Rebekah Allen in College Station, Texas. MOVED


^Immigrant families with severely ill or disabled children now face deportation by Trump administration<

IMMIGRATION-CHILDREN:PH _ At age 5, Kevin Mar n doesn't speak.

He needs help to eat, hearing aids and support from orthotic devices to better walk.

Besides being severely autistic, Kevin suffers from a rare disorder called "agenesis of corpus callosum," in which the fibers that connect the two hemispheres of the brain are either missing or only partially intact.

He and his older brother, 12-year-old Luis, who has his own myriad health problems, see neurologists, pediatricians, orthopedists and physical therapists about 20 times a month.

Only the intricate, advanced care of the American medical and therapeutic systems _ and the devotion of their undocumented immigrant parents _ enables Kevin and Luis, both American citizens, to live semblances of normal lives.

Now, a Trump administration policy change threatens to drive the family out of the United States to a country that lacks crucial medical and social supports for the boys.

1200 by Jeff Gammage and Jesenia De Moya Correa in Philadelphia. MOVED




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October 14, 2019 at 6:56 am | (TNS) Tribune News Service Op-Ed Budget for Monday, October 14, 2019 Updated at 4:30 a.m. EDT (0830 UTC) This budget is now available on the web at www.TribuneNewsService.com, with di...


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AP Sportlight


October 14, 2019 at 6:44 am | Oct. 15 1933 The Philadelphia Eagles play their first NFL game and suffers a 56-0 loss to the New York Giants. 1961 Mickey Wright wins her third LPGA Championship with a rout, nine stroke...


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