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Op-Ed Budget for Thursday, April 11, 2019

Updated at 4:30 a.m. EDT (0830 UTC)

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^Commentary: We aren't 'full.' The US needs immigrants<


In the very near future, the United States must find some way to replace 76 million retiring baby boomers. This challenge comes at a time of full employment when labor force growth has fallen sharply, from an annual average of 5 percent in the 1970s to less than 1 percent since 2000.

800 by Wayne A. Cornelius. MOVED


^Commentary: Sexual identity laws: A modern Trojan horse<


950 by Monica Burke. MOVED


^Commentary: Census has no tradition of counting citizens<


But look closer, as we did, and history tells a different story. Over the last year, we pored over archival material including 19th century census-taker instructions and decades-old papers on government statistics. We discovered that the Trump administration's history is misleading, where it's not outright false.

800 by Brianna Cea and Thomas Wolf. MOVED


^Commentary: California blazes trail for Green New Deal<


It's called Transformative Climate Communities, or TCC, and it focuses on ways that different agencies can work together with communities to make neighborhoods better.

550 by Alvaro Sanchez. MOVED


^Commentary: Fewer and fewer of Trump's 'bad hombres' are caught crossing the border<


But the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute reports that as the number of Central Americans arriving at the border to seek asylum has been increasing significantly, the number of "criminal aliens" _ the government's term for those with convictions of any of a roster of crimes _ has steadily decreased over the last four years both in real numbers and in percentage of border apprehensions.

450 by Scott Martelle. MOVED


^Commentary: Bernie Sanders's bold health plan puts Democrats in a bind<


Sanders, an early front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, had initially called for phasing out America's employer-based insurance system in favor of universal government coverage that's free for patients (that is, outside of the higher taxes they'd pay to finance it). On Wednesday, he released a more ambitious version that includes coverage for long-term care. It addresses a significant gap in the current system and source of financial hardship for many but also adds to an already high price tag.

600 by Max Nisen. MOVED




(EDITORS: The writers address the question, "Should Congress make the Electoral College more responsive to the popular vote?")

^PRO: Change or abolish the Electoral College to ensure equal voice for all<

ELECTORALCOLLEGE-CHANGES-PRO:MCT _ The time has come to change or dismantle the Electoral College system of selecting the United States president.

This outdated result of a constitutional compromise sets up not only a system that can produce an imbalance between the popular vote and the final selection of the president, but can result in a dramatic disparity in governing power for a generation.

750 by Don Kusler in Washington. MOVED


^CON: Electoral College protects all Americans against the 'tyranny of the majority'<

ELECTORALCOLLEGE-CHANGES-CON:MCT _ The Electoral College is one of the most critical institutions created by the framers of the Constitution to ensure a stable representative government, yet it's under attack.

Eliminating or effectively neutering the Electoral College _ the two options being proposed by many Democrats _ would fundamentally alter the country, which, of course, is exactly what progressives are hoping to do. This would be grievously wrong.

750 by Merrill Matthews in Dallas. MOVED



^Timothy L. O'Brien: Bill Barr is trying hard to be President Trump's Roy Cohn<


1100 by Timothy L. O'Brien. MOVED


^Ann McFeatters: Thank goodness for patriots who pay their taxes<

MCFEATTERS-COLUMN:MCT Finished your taxes yet?

If you're rich, you probably did nothing but sign what somebody else prepared, smiling with satisfaction as you looked at how little you owe or the size of your refund.

If you're middle class, you are still in shock.

600 by Ann McFeatters in Washington. MOVED


^Jay Ambrose: Judges should give America a chance<


650 by Jay Ambrose. MOVED


^Mary C. Curtis: When a hate crimes hearing goes very wrong, something's not right in America<


When what's at stake is this serious, that's pretty frightening.

1050 by Mary C. Curtis. MOVED

^Eric Zorn: How the Jussie Smollett case has become an important story about race<

ZORN-COLUMN:TB _ Set aside, for a moment, the issue of race in the Jussie Smollett case. Think of it first as an issue of darkness and light.

Darkness as in the veil of silence and secrecy Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx has draped over the machinations in her office that resulted in Smollett being able to proclaim his innocence in the lobby of the very courthouse in which he was supposed to get his comeuppance.

Darkness as in the shadow this case is casting over Foxx's effort to operate a smarter, fairer justice system.

750 by Eric Zorn in Chicago. MOVED


^Gina Barreca: Hugs are free, but they're not for everybody<


800 by Gina Barreca. MOVED


^John Kass: Kim Foxx plays the race card to save herself from her Jussie Smollett fiasco<


1050 by John Kass. MOVED

^Cal Thomas: It's about time<


750 by Cal Thomas. MOVED

^Victor Davis Hanson: California has become America's cannibal state<


900 by Victor Davis Hanson. MOVED

^Rex Huppke: Black hole image inspires an escape from Trump, anti-vaxxers and earthly stupidity<


Like most Americans, I was awestruck by the image and the staggering scientific work that went into producing it, and my first thought was: I'd like to move in there.

950 by Rex Huppke. MOVED



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^Editorial: William Barr gives aid and comfort to Trump's conspiracy theories<


450 by The Times Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Trump's taxes are the goal: Cuomo shouldn't muddy the argument<



^Editorial: Even a black hole yields the light of discovery<


They have captured the imagination of humans since a German physicist used Albert Einstein's equations more than 100 years ago to theorize that black holes existed. And what an image they conjured _ an abyss in outer space so dense and so deep that nothing, not even light, could escape it.

That's why people worldwide greeted the unveiling Wednesday of an actual image of a black hole with equal parts awe, shock and joy. When you see the unseeable and ponder the unthinkable, the mind reels.

300 . MOVED


^Editorial: Immigration: Hard line policies to get harder<


700 by The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Was this man sentenced to death because he is gay? The Supreme Court should take up that question<


When called upon to recommend death or life in prison, though, the jurors had a lot of unusual questions.

450 by The Times Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: N.Y. mayor is right to order a public health emergency to contain a measles outbreak<


100 . MOVED


^Editorial: Noble sacrifice in the unending war in Afghanistan<


250. MOVED


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