Legals August 23, 2018

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No. 25621 USDA FOREST SERVICE FLATHEAD NATIONAL FOREST OPPORTUNITY TO OBJECT TO THE DRAFT DECISION NOTICE FOR THE BETTY BAPTISTE PROJECT An updated Environmental Assessment, Finding of No Significant Impact, and draft Decision Notice has been prepared for the Betty Baptiste Project. This 19,560-acre project area is located on the eastern side of the Hungry Horse Reservoir and includes portions of both the Hungry Horse and Spotted Bear Ranger Districts on the Flathead National Forest. Forest Supervisor, Chip Weber, is the responsible official for this project. The draft decision includes: commercial timber harvesting, pre-commercial sapling thinning, prescribed ecosystem burning, and planting activities to increase forest structural diversity and reduce stand densities, restore western white pine and western larch, improve forest resiliency, and maintain timber productivity; road management actions to reduce sediment, improve road drainage, and improve fish passage at road/stream crossings; and trail and trailhead reconstruction, vista creation along the East Side Reservoir Road (NF-38), and removal of hazard trees in camping areas to improve visitor safety and recreation experience. Additional information on the management actions in the selected alternative are included in the draft Decision Notice and in the updated Environmental Assessment. The updated Environmental Assessment, Finding of No Significant Impact, and the draft Decision Notice for the Betty Baptiste Project are available at These documents are also available for review at the Flathead National Forest Supervisor's Office at 650 Wolfpack Way, Kalispell, MT. The Betty Baptiste Project is subject to the objection process pursuant to 36 CFR 218, Subparts A and B. Objections that do not adhere to these requirements may be reason for the reviewing officer to set aside an objection, pursuant to 218.10. Objections will only be accepted from those who have previously submitted project-specific, written comments in response to scoping or the comment period provided for the environmental assessment, in accordance with 218.5(a). Issues raised in objections must be based on previously submitted timely, specific written comments regarding the proposed project, unless the issue is based on new information arising after the designated comment opportunities. Objections must meet the content requirements of 218.8(d), and include the following information: 1) the objector's name and address, with a telephone number or email address, if available; 2) a signature or other verification of authorship upon request (a scanned signature for email may be filed with the objection); 3) when multiple names are listed on an objection, identification of the lead objector as defined in 218.2 (verification of the identity of the lead objector shall be provided upon request); 4) the name of the project being objected to, the name and title of the responsible official, and the name of the national forest and ranger district on which the project will be implemented; 5) a description of those aspects of the project addressed by the objection, including specific issues related to the project and, if applicable, how the objector believes the environmental analysis or draft decision specifically violates law, regulation, or policy; suggested remedies that would resolve the objection; and supporting reasons for the reviewing officer to consider; and 6) a statement that demonstrates the connection between prior specific written comments on the particular project or activity and the content of the objection, unless the objection concerns an issue that arose after the designated opportunity for formal comment. With certain exceptions (218.8(b)), all documents referenced in the objection must be included with the objection. An objection, including attachments, must be filed with the Objection Reviewing Officer within 45 calendar days following publication of the legal notice of the objection filing period in the newspaper of record, The Daily Inter Lake. The publication date in the newspaper of record is the exclusive means for calculating the time to file an objection. Objectors should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source. It is the objector's responsibility to ensure timely filing of a written objection with the reviewing officer pursuant to 218.9. All objections are available for public inspection during and after the objection process. Objections sent by regular mail, private carrier, or hand delivery should be sent to: Objection Reviewing Officer, USDA Forest Service Northern Region at 26 Fort Missoula Road, Missoula, MT 59804. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding Federal holidays. Objections can also be faxed to the Objection Reviewing Officer at (406) 329-3411. The fax coversheet should include "Betty Baptiste Project Objection" in the subject line and should specify the number of pages being submitted. Electronic objections should be submitted to the Objection Reviewing Officer via email to, with "Betty Baptiste Project Objection" in the subject line. Electronic submissions must be submitted in a format that is readable with optical character recognition software (e.g. Word, PDF, Rich Text) and be searchable. An automated response should confirm your electronic objection has been received. August 23, 2018 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 25583 Montana Eleventh Judicial District Court Flathead County In the Matter of the Name Change of Zachary Alan Dieziger: Zachary Alan Dieziger, Petitioner Cause No. DV-18-716C HEIDI J. ULBRICHT Notice of Hearing on Name Change This is notice that Petitioner has asked the District Court for a change of name from Zachary Alan Dieziger to Zachary Alexander Holm. The hearing will be on September 5, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. The hearing will be at the Courthouse in Flathead County. Date: August 1, 2018 PEG L. ALLISON Clerk of District Court By: /s/ RACHAEL C MITCHELL Deputy Clerk of Court August 9, 16, 23, 30, 2018 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 25620 Montana Eleventh Judicial District Court Flathead County In the Matter of the Name Change of Lois K. Erck: Lois K. Erck, Petitioner Cause No. DV-18-655B ROBERT B. ALLISON Notice of Hearing on Name Change This is notice that Petitioner has asked the District Court for a change of name from Lois K. Erck to Lois K. Franklin. The hearing will be on October 10, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. The hearing will be at the Courthouse in Flathead County. Date: August 14, 2018 PEG L. ALLISON Clerk of District Court By: /s/ RACHAEL R WOODS Deputy Clerk of Court August 23, 30, September 6, 13, 2018 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 25619 Scott W. Farago GARLINGTON, LOHN & ROBINSON, PLLP 350 Ryman Street P. O. Box 7909 Missoula, MT 59807-7909 Telephone (406) 523-2500 Telefax (406) 523-2595 Attorneys for Co-Personal Representatives MONTANA ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, FLATHEAD COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF GARY LEE WOLFE, Deceased. Cause No. DP-18-192D NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed Co-Personal Representatives of the above-named Estate. All persons having claims against the said deceased are required to present their claims within four months after the date of the first publication of this Notice or said claims will be forever barred. Claims must either be mailed to CHAD WOLFE and MICHELLE WOLFE, the Co-Personal Representatives, return receipt requested, c/o Garlington, Lohn & Robinson, PLLP, P.O. Box 7909, Missoula, Montana 59807, or filed with the Clerk of the above-entitled Court. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Montana that the foregoing is true and correct. SIGNED this 20th day of August, 2018. /s/ Chad Wolfe Chad Wolfe, Co-Personal Representative /s/ Michelle Wolfe Michelle Wolfe, Co-Personal Representative /s/ Scott W. Farago Scott W. Farago Attorney for the Co-Personal Representative August 23, 30, September 6, 2018 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 25616 681960/681846MTS NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE TO BE SOLD FOR CASH AT TRUSTEE'S SALE on December 4, 2018, at 11:00 AM, at the North Entrance to the Lake County Courthouse located 106 4th Avenue East in Polson, MT 59860, the following described real property situated in Lake County, Montana: Lot A (Mortgage Survey) of the Amended Plat of Portions of Lots 3 and 4, Block 2 of Shore Acres, a subdivision of Lake County, Montana, according to the map or plat thereof on file in the office of the Clerk and Recorder of Lake County, Montana. Anthony C. Welzenbach, as Grantor, conveyed said real property to Lake County Abstract, as Trustee, to secure an obligation owed to Guild Mortgage Company, as Beneficiary, by Deed of Trust dated February 24, 2010, and recorded on March 1, 2010 as Document No. 505265. The beneficial interest is currently held by Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust 2017-2, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, not individually, but solely as trustee. First American Title Company of Montana, Inc., is currently the Trustee. The beneficiary has declared a default in the terms of said Deed of Trust due to death. The total amount due on this obligation as of May 31, 2018 is $390,173.24 principal, interest totaling $242,265.44, mortgage insurance premiums of $21,246.67, and other fees and expenses advanced of $15,210.08, plus accruing interest, late charges, and other costs and fees that may be advanced. The Beneficiary anticipates and may disburse such amounts as may be required to preserve and protect the property and for real property taxes that may become due or delinquent, unless such amounts of taxes are paid by the Grantors. If such amounts are paid by the Beneficiary, the amounts or taxes will be added to the obligations secured by the Deed of Trust. Other expenses to be charged against the proceeds of this sale include the Trustee's fees and attorney's fees, costs and expenses of the sale and late charges, if any. Beneficiary has elected, and has directed the Trustee to sell the above described property to satisfy the obligation. The sale is a public sale and any person, including the beneficiary, excepting only the Trustee, may bid at the sale. The bid price must be paid immediately upon the close of bidding in cash or cash equivalents (valid money orders, certified checks or cashier's checks). The conveyance will be made by Trustee's Deed without any representation or warranty, including warranty of Title, express or implied, as the sale is made strictly on an as-is, where-is basis, without limitation, the sale is being made subject to all existing conditions, if any, of lead paint, mold or other environmental or health hazards. The sale purchaser shall be entitled to possession of the property on the 10th day following the sale. The grantor, successor in interest to the grantor or any other person having an interest in the property, at any time prior to the trustee's sale, may pay to the beneficiary or the successor in interest to the beneficiary the entire amount then due under the deed of trust and the obligation secured thereby (including costs and expenses actually incurred and attorney's fees) other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred and thereby cure the default. The scheduled Trustee's Sale may be postponed by public proclamation up to 15 days for any reason, and in the event of a bankruptcy filing, the sale may be postponed by the trustee for up to 120 days by public proclamation at least every 30 days. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. Dated: July 26, 2018. /s/ Kaitlin Ann Gotch Assistant Secretary, First American Title Company of Montana, Inc. Successor Trustee Title Financial Specialty Services PO Box 339 Blackfoot ID 83221 STATE OF Idaho ss. County of Bingham On this 26 day of July, 2018, before me, a notary public in and for said County and State, personally appeared Kaitlin Ann Gotch, known to me to be the Assistant Secretary of First American Title Company of Montana, Inc., Successor Trustee, known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument and acknowledged to me that she executed the same. /s/ Rae Albert Notary Public Bingham County, Idaho Commission expires: 9-6-2022 Champion Mortgage LLC vs Anthony C. Welzenbach 101827-2 August 23, 30, September 6, 2018 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 25618 PUBLIC OPPORTUNITY TO PROTEST ENTITY TYPE CHANGE OF MONTANA ALL-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES LICENSE Last Call Enterprises, LLC (Member: Danette K. Lale) has applied for entity type change of Montana All-Alcoholic Beverages License No. 07-999-2634-001 to be operated at Silver Bullet Bar, 1700 MT Highway 206, Columbia Falls, Flathead County. The public may protest this new license in accordance with the law. Who can protest this transfer? Protests will be accepted from residents of the county of the proposed location (Lake), residents of adjoining Montana counties (Lincoln, Glacier, Pondera, Teton, Lewis & Clark, Powell, Flathead, Sanders), and residents of adjoining counties in another state if the criteria in 16-4-207(4)(d), Montana Code Annotated (MCA), are met. What information must be included? Protest letters must be legible and contain (1) the protestor's full name, mailing address, and street address; (2) the license number (07-999-2634-001) and the applicant's name (Last Call Enterprises, LLC); (3) an indication that the letter is intended as a protest; (4) a description of the grounds for protesting; and (5) the protestor's signature. A letter with multiple signatures will be considered one protest letter. What are valid protest grounds? The protest may be based on the applicant's qualifications listed in 16-4-401, MCA, or the grounds for denial of an application in 16-4-405, MCA. Examples of valid protest grounds include: (1) the applicant is unlikely to operate the establishment in compliance with the law; (2) the proposed location cannot be properly policed by local authorities; and (3) the welfare of the people in the vicinity of the proposed location will be adversely and seriously affected. How are protests submitted? Protests must be postmarked to the Department of Revenue, Office of Dispute Resolution, P.O. Box 5805, Helena, Montana 59604-5805 on or before September 10, 2018. What happens if the transfer is protested? Depending on the number of protests and the protest grounds, a public hearing will be held in Helena or Columbia Falls. All valid protestors will be notified of the hearing's time, date and location. Hearings typically are scheduled within 90 days. A protester's hearing testimony is limited to the grounds in the protester's letter. Following the hearing, the Department of Revenue will notify the public whether the license transfer is approved or denied. How can additional information be obtained? The cited MCA statutes are online at Questions may be directed to Patty Kautz, Compliance Specialist for the Department of Revenue's Liquor Control Division, at (406) 444-0017 or August 23, 30, 2018 MNAXLP __________________________

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