TERRY COLUMN: It’s about time, NFL

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Itís been more than 80 days since the NFL held a game.

The last time you saw the top pick in todayís NFL draft play an actual game for his college team ó regardless of who that player will be ó President Trump was still at least two weeks from his inauguration.

The Browns, who own the first pick in the draft, havenít played a game since January 1.

Theyíve had literally all year to figure out who they would pick.

I say all this to point out that there is absolutely no reason for the NFL draft to be held at the end of April.

That being said, Iím aware the draft has been on this date for a long time.

Outside of a stretch where they held it a week earlier in the 1990s, theyíve held the draft on this weekend or later every year since 1977.

While the draft has been this late for a long time, I should also point out that for a long time teams still used phones in the shape of helmets that probably had some type of rotary function.

For a long time the only way to see a prospect in Colorado as a scout for New England was to fly across the country and rent a car for a pro day.

For a long time game film was made of actual film.

Thatís not the case anymore.

Every player in the draft has had his games broadcasted in some form or another. Online databases exist of each player, sometimes with multiple camera angles.

Measurables on players have been touted on dozens of websites and most players have been seen since they were in high school. Their favorite meals and movies are listed by the school.

There isnít a lot of guess work left in the draft outside of whatís inside a players head. Even that can be somewhat surmised from visits and interviews that take far fewer than 80 days to complete.

The NBA and NHL draft a week after the season ends. The MLB drafts in the middle of its season.

Every one of the 32 NFL frachises has an entire team of people designated solely to studying players both in the league and in other leagues, including the college ranks.

Theyíve been prepared to pick for months.

All the waiting does is allow for overthinking and nonsense.

Thank goodness the draft is finally here.

Now, letís get it over with.

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