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The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received two reports of men exposing themselves within six and a half hours overnight Thursday.

At 11:16 p.m., an employee of a Montclair Drive hotel said a heavyset man with a mustache and beard exposed himself to several guests before trying doors in the parking lot. He was gone by the time police arrived.

At 5:48 a.m., it was reported that a man in a dark hoodie and jeans exposed himself at a U.S. 2 East gym before leaving the area. Extra patrols were requested for the next few mornings.

An Old U.S. 2 East resident may have thought he had been transported to the Middle Ages when he found a sword and a knife on his Coram property.

A concerned Lakeside Boulevard resident reported two men and three women, all drunk, were shooting a potato gun in the park to the south, and wanted to know if the activity was legal.

A Helena Flats Road resident called with questions about damage to property caused by a recreational vehicle that is believed to have started a fire on the side of the road in April.

A quartet of rowdy Rottweilers and their four human companions drew attention after walking into a public area for children’s fishing, where the unleashed dogs ran all over the place. They were advised of the animal at large ordinance and agreed to go home.

A man was arrested for partner or family member assault after a Sweebee Lane resident in Columbia Falls reported hearing a woman crying and screaming, “Ow, you are hurting me,” and “Ow, get off me.”

Several firearms were found in the area of Caroline Point in Lakeside.

A pistol was found on the side of the road at Montana 200 and U.S. 93.

A pair of frantic teenage boys drew a response from Kalispell Police officers when they were seen in a field off Two Mile Drive desperately trying to stomp out a fire that was running along the ground and growing. The duo were able to put it out before officers arrived, at which point one of the boys fled. The other boy was released to his parents.

The owner of an East Idaho Street property that also houses a coffee kiosk complained that the tenant was “painting it a God-awful pink that is outside of the realm of what he is allowed to do.”

An Eighth Avenue East North resident called with questions about city ordinances, explaining that he was in the untenable situation of owning chickens and living next door to a person who owns a bird dog.

A homeless man wearing a red sweatshirt and blue sweatpants exposed himself in front of a North Meridian Road coffee kiosk.


A Whitefish Police officer confirmed an elderly man was OK after the man accidentally called 911 while trying to call and order pizza.

A concerned passerby reported a vehicle parked in the middle of 13th Street West with a rifle leaning against the passenger seat. The passerby just wanted the motorist advised that he can’t park in the middle of the street.

A vindictive 12th Avenue West resident contacted the Columbia Falls Police Department to report that her neighbor complained about her on Monday, and now she wanted to complain about the neighbor.

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