Any questions why charged with assault?

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A man who had already been thrown out of a Park Avenue house for partner or family member assault doubled down on his aggression, apparently trying to hit family members with his car while driving down the road. He was later arrested by Flathead County Sheriff’s deputies.

Passing motorists on Hodgson Road in Columbia Falls may have wondered if they were in Montana anymore after a camel escaped from a nearby farm and was reported eating a tree along the road.

An irate motorist on Helena Flats Road reported a big sprayer truck spraying green stuff all over and was adamant the actitivity be stopped. It was eventually discovered the truck was only spraying grass seeds and mulch.

A Martin City man was knocked unconscious when his daughter kicked him in the head. When he came to, she was kicking him in the face. He refused medical treatment.

An observant Batavia Lane resident reported two men in dark hoodies trying to open a window in the back of her neighbor’s house before she caught them peeking at her through the curtains and trying to get into her own home.

An astute Elk Trail woman in Whitefish suspected her ex after finding “U R Dead” scratched into the hood of her vehicle.

A bearded bicyclist was reported riding in the middle of the oncoming lane of traffic on Nucleus Avenue in Columbia Falls.


A U.S. 93 South resident contacted the Kalispell Police Department to report suspicious activity following a drug bust. According to the caller, police kicked in a door there on Friday and made a drug arrest, and then someone broke into the same room on Tuesday night and did some damage. The caller found it odd that someone broke into the same room where the drug bust occurred.

A garbage truck knocked down a chunk of a traffic light — which initially hung from a single wire before falling to the street and being run over by another vehicle — and also damaged another light on U.S. 93 with the truck.

An Empire Loop man threatened his neighbor and pointed a 9mm handgun at him after the neighbor reported a loud party at the man’s home. The man had been advised that people at the home would be cited for disorderly conduct if they continued to make noise. Instead, he was cited and released for the threats.

A hypochondriac on U.S. 93 South asked a passerby to call 911 after he stepped on a thermometer, claiming he now had mercury poisoning. The passerby reported the man smelled like alcohol and was hard to understand, and all the passerby could see was wrong with the man was that he was dizzy.

A frantic adult called for help after a 7-year-old child accidentally got locked inside a trunk while playing with another child, but the child was able to get out before officers responded.

A Third Avenue East renter got into an altercation with his landlord over his deposit, and reported his landlord threw rocks at his car as he drove away, damaging the car. The renter also said police responded yesterday for ongoing issues.


The night janitor at an East Second Street school who was in the right place at the right time contacted the Whitefish Police Department after seeing a boy come out of the band room several hours after it was closed. The boy ran off when the janitor yelled at him.

A tow truck driver shared his surprise when he picked up a vehicle and, while checking the emergency brake, knocked over a box and found drug paraphernalia inside.

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