Man attacked by clawed beast

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Someone told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office he had dropped a friend off at the hospital after the friend had supposedly been attacked by a dog or wolf on a bike path near an intersection of Smith Lake Road in Kila. The victim reportedly told officers that something attacked his legs, knocking him to the ground, then ripped his coat sleeve and went for his face. During the alleged attack, the victim told officers that he “pulled a knife and thought he landed a couple of strikes,” at the animal. The man’s wounds were reportedly not canine teeth punctures typical of dog bite wounds, rather appeared to be deep scratches or claw marks. Deputies went to the scene of the attack, but only saw deer. They apprised Fish Wildlife and Parks and animal clinics of the situation in case a wounded animal was found.

A Kalispell man reported receiving phone calls stating there was an injunction against him and he needed to return the call. The man was advised not to give out any personal information and how to block the number.

Someone on Corbett Lane in Coram had allegedly been parking junk vehicles on other people’s property.

Officers received a report of electricity theft by a meter technician on Lower Valley Road in Kalispell.

A Kalispell man was concerned for his safety after his roommate reportedly threatened to “beat the eff out of him,” when he got home from work.

A Willow Drive resident in Kalispell who reportedly found “drug needles” in her home brought them to the sheriff’s office and wanted advice on what to do with them. Officers placed the used needles in a sharps container.

A bus driver on Montana 35 in Kalispell was concerned about a woman seen walking on the highway when a truck allegedly stopped and was trying to get the woman to get in and she was trying to get away.

There was a bit of chaos on Harmony Road in Kalispell when a woman who may have smoked too much methamphetamine purportedly ran into someone’s house “tweaking” and talking to someone who wasn’t there. The woman was transported to the hospital and allegedly said she didn’t know where she was and ran because she thought a relative was going to do an intervention.

A physical disturbance was reported on Canyon Road in Hungry Horse when a woman was reportedly being violent.

A man on South Hilltop Road in Columbia Falls told officers he allowed a man to take his truck to a gas station, however, the man didn’t return. The truck owner did not want to pursue charges, just wanted the truck found. Law enforcement was advised the man had a warrant out for a probation violation.

A man riding a bicycle near traffic on Whitefish Stage Road in Kalispell was advised to get lights on his bicycle and drive on the proper side of the road.

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of a man parked on a street who allegedly called someone over to his vehicle then acted inappropriately and exposed himself. The man was last seen on Sixth Street East.

A passerby told police that two kids were allegedly throwing rocks at cars on North Meridian Road.

A girl’s backpack containing her flute was reported stolen.

Two “punk kids” riding bikes in the roadway at night apparently became road hazards when someone reported almost hitting one them.

Police received two reports of people hearing what sounded like gun shots or “sparkler bombs” near 10th Street West and Seventh Avenue West.

Firearms were reported stolen out of an unlocked truck.

Columbia Falls Police Department received a call from a tow-truck employee on South Meadow Lake Boulevard who thought it was suspicious that a woman had been “squirrelly” and “adamant” about not calling Montana Highway Patrol after he picked up a disabled truck that had some damage and dropped it off at a construction yard. The vehicle’s registered owner reportedly told police she had received a phone call to pick it up from a man who had borrowed the truck, but she didn’t know where or how the vehicle damage occurred.

Someone on 11th Street West believed his windshield was damaged by BB pellets.

Someone on Third Avenue West reported a couple of dogs, one described as fluffy, were allegedly taking care of business on a neighbor’s lawn, running amok and leaving destruction in their wake.

A vehicle with no headlights on reportedly sped recklessly through the area of Fourth Avenue West under the guise of night.

A 16th Avenue West resident complained about noise when a railroad company allegedly had parked a train outside his bedroom for the second night in a row. He called police later to report that he “went and talked to the guys and they’ll work it out with the manager” in the morning.

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