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Destroying a meth-dealing ring - Daily Inter Lake: News

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Destroying a meth-dealing ring

Dismantling major sales operation was a massive endeavor

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Posted: Sunday, February 7, 2010 2:00 am

Step by step, suspect by suspect, local and federal officials worked together over two years to dismantle a major methamphetamine drug ring operating in Northwest Montana.

Nicknamed the “Jamie Lake Drug Trafficking Operation,” the organization had brought several pounds of meth per week to the Flathead Valley from Spokane.

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          Welcome to the discussion.


          • miapea posted at 7:19 pm on Fri, Feb 12, 2010.

            miapea Posts: 134

            Please tell me the reason why the newspapers and radio stations have gave out the address of the mobile home that was raided in 2008??? Couldn't they have said A MOBILE IN EVERGREEN? Was that fair to the people that live there now. I know the people that live there now and they are not drug users. She did not even know about this drug bust in her place until she heard her address on the radio. The landlord she rents from never told her about meth being in her house or the raid and she has 3 kids. She does not even know if meth was made there. Its BS.

          • MrMark posted at 10:53 am on Fri, Feb 12, 2010.

            MrMark Posts: 359

            And I'll take ya up on it too! ;-p

          • Kokanee posted at 7:15 pm on Thu, Feb 11, 2010.

            Kokanee Posts: 67

            Thanks Mr. Mark , Before I leave this valley I have to buy you a cold one :D

          • MrMark posted at 3:05 pm on Thu, Feb 11, 2010.

            MrMark Posts: 359

            The amazing THING..not this...

          • MrMark posted at 3:05 pm on Thu, Feb 11, 2010.

            MrMark Posts: 359

            I agree 100%, Kok! How difficult is it to just arrest these fools, lock 'em up and get them the hell off of the streets? I lived across the street from a dump of a house in the Evergreen that had people pulling up and leaving all day and night. Gee, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know what was going on there! The amazing this was, a Sheriff lived RIGHT NEXT DOOR! You think there were ever any busts there? Nope. Pathetic!

          • Kokanee posted at 4:31 pm on Wed, Feb 10, 2010.

            Kokanee Posts: 67

            My point to this is instead of shutting it down they watched it for six months trying to get the big fish. That was B.S. how many people are suffering today because of that. Also I know for certain that at the time of this bust the county had to pick up part of the bill for clean up so you are wrong. Another thing, I know how the justice system works sluggo! I know from first hand experience, the probation they got was unsupervised for six months. I know they left the area and I know they are not clean.

          • luvnwmt posted at 7:46 am on Wed, Feb 10, 2010.

            luvnwmt Posts: 2

            Sorry to hear about your son, I have a brother and other relatives that have suffered from drug addiction as well. It sure wasn't anyone elses fault though but theirs. And I have done my research, you people always blaming someone else for your problems and everyone elses, are simply adding to the problem. If you did your research you would know that cops don't put people on probation, judges do. And when they are on probation, if there PO does his job they are monitored closely and drug tested regularly. As far as justice for your son, no that was not justice. But the system in Montana is not really set up for justice, our legislators continue to to give more rights to criminals and to take away from law enforcements ability to do their job. I understand you being upset I would be too, but your pointing your finger in the wrong direction.

          • Kokanee posted at 5:12 pm on Tue, Feb 9, 2010.

            Kokanee Posts: 67

            O.K. hoss what part of got my son addicted to meth do you not understand. You are wrong about the cleanups, it costs the county as well you better do your homework. Do you really think that the 4 people that were put on probation are clean?!! They were addicted and making it in an old school bus back in the woods. My son ended up doing meth with a friend that took him there and is still fighting to get his life back. That was 4 years ago,I REMEMBER THAT LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY. The law let them get away with probation after they turned states evidence against a bigger dealer. Do you think that was justice for getting two 14 year old boys high, one of those boys committed suicide last year and mine just got released to a halfway house. So tell me again I do not know what I am talking about.

          • luvnwmt posted at 12:59 pm on Tue, Feb 9, 2010.

            luvnwmt Posts: 2

            Kokanee, Your comment contradicts its self. Law enforcement did nothing yet the suspects were put on probation and law enforcement obtained information to use against a bigger criminal. Sounds like they did exactly what they are supposed to do. Also the county does not clean up the labs, that is taken care of by DEA and contractors.

          • Kokanee posted at 12:07 pm on Tue, Feb 9, 2010.

            Kokanee Posts: 67

            Dish guru, I reported 4 people to a local drug task force and the FBI. Nothing was ever done, I stewed on this for about a year. Finally I ran into one of the deputy's and cornered him his answer was this, when I reported it they were under investigation they turned over evidence against some bigger dealer and got off with probation. The other consideration at the time was the county did not have enough money to clean up their meth lab. So as far as I know they are still producing they just are doing it somewhere else.!!

          • dishguru posted at 8:39 am on Mon, Feb 8, 2010.

            dishguru Posts: 11

            Hey Five, you've known about 2 drug dealers for 20 years now & have'nt turned them in? Time to pull your head out. I hope you aren't my neighbor. Let me know where you live so I can keep my kids away.

          • Kokanee posted at 9:20 pm on Sun, Feb 7, 2010.

            Kokanee Posts: 67

            Five could not agree more lincoln, sanders, and flathead county tweekers mostly produce meth for home consumption not so much to distribute. Thank god they finally busted these guys but how long do you think it will be before someone else takes their place. Many kids and adults are hooked after just one dime bag. So it will be back you can bet on that.

          • five posted at 2:10 pm on Sun, Feb 7, 2010.

            five Posts: 4

            All this is very well and good but old news. Didn't the DL have anything new to put in their paper this Sunday? Federal Laws are very different than state laws. Many of these peope will surve more time than a child molester or murderer would. The law never gets the long time drug dealers anyway. They usually get the new set ups because they make mistakes. I know of 2 drug dealers who have been dealing (all drugs) since I was in high school and they are still at it today and I am nearly 40 years old. So they aren't doing as great a job as everyone thinks they are. And If you all believe that statement about meth not being made in montana...well there are a few bridges I would like to sell you.

          • faithful reader posted at 1:00 pm on Sun, Feb 7, 2010.

            faithful reader Posts: 412

            That's not quite true, M J II. In the Booker case in 2005, the Supreme Court found that federal judges DO have discretion and sentencing guidelines are only advisory, not mandatory. Everything changed a few years ago.

          • thejamhole posted at 12:23 pm on Sun, Feb 7, 2010.

            thejamhole Posts: 28

            nice work, one down and about a million more to go. I like how you've stopped messing with people smoking weed, and focused your attention to the REAL problem in this valley. Meth and pills. It's a shame you can't do your job without putting up those nasty billboards. Those are just silly and they make me laugh everytime I see one.

          • M J II posted at 10:10 am on Sun, Feb 7, 2010.

            M J II Posts: 2

            Those sentences were in FEDERAL Court, so they will serve virtually ALL of the sentences. This makes them effectively longer than state sentences -- because of the parole system in the state...

            Federal sentencing guidelines don't leave much discretion to the judge in any particular crime. The crime the person is convicted of pretty much determines the length of sentence.

          • Bronco posted at 9:12 am on Sun, Feb 7, 2010.

            Bronco Posts: 4328

            This stuff ravages people's lives. So many sad cases here in Hawaii. One guy is going to trial as we speak for tossing an infant from an overpass onto the freeway. He was the babysitter. Mother on ice, her dad, too. All the neighbors. Make no mistake; this stuff is very bad to use and for all the people around the users. Thank you DTF!

          • micmren posted at 6:35 am on Sun, Feb 7, 2010.

            micmren Posts: 182

            Kudo's to the Drug Task Force. I have teenagers and am glad there is less product available in the valley. What a vicious, nasty drug meth is. I sure hope parents are talking to their kids about the dangers of drugs and this one in particular. We are our kids first line of defense. Thanks again to all the law enforcement involved in this operation. I just wish the jail time (on average) could have been longer. I don't know if it's the judge or the state sentencing guidelines, but if you are even a small part of an operation selling meth to kids, you should pay with a large chunk of your life. How many people are now on a speeding path to death in part because of these people providing them with (and profiting from) meth?


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